Top 10 Reasons Why Old Cartoons Were Better Than New

Cartoons today don't measure up to cartoons of yesteryear.

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They Had Better Characters

They had Bugs Bunny The Smurfs, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo minus Scrappy Doo, Felix the cat, Popeye, Mighty Mouse and you get the picture, while some old cartoon characters are featured in newer versions of their cartoons its not quite the same. - egnomac

Old Cartoons are Decent(1990s/Early 2000s And Even Most Of Late 2000s) But New Cartoons is Not All That Great

While We Do Have Amazing Cartoons With Good Characters Like The Ones In Steven Universe, MLP:FIM, Adventure Time And Gravity Falls...
Most Other Cartoons Have Terrible, Unlikable, Flat, And Backstoryless Characters.

They don’t have such older content

They Were Way Funnier

The cartoons now a days have a more confusing and strange kind of humor. Tom and Jerry had true humor that wasn't weird or gross and I truly appreciate the few cartoons who actually have good humor

Before they were actually funny. Today we have cartoons just trying to sound cool to children instead of making them laugh/smile. Of course, there are some cartoons that I still like, like adventure time and others, but the mast majority of them should've never have made it to the screen.

Cartoons today are just filled with gross out and toilet humor which make me appreciate the good old days. - ZZDOORAL

New cartoons like gravity falls and spongebob are too cringy. old cartoons like muppet babies,my little pony tales and tom and jerry were way funnier but nobody will understand.

They Had Better Cartoonists

I remember watching shows that transported me to a new world where I could join loveable characters on an adventure of a lifetime. The reason I was transported to another world is because the animation was so creative and in depth and vivid that I could only feel as if I was there. BraveStarr for instance was one that was so beautifully animated that I felt as if I was a member of the gang. Some of the things could have been cheesy but the animation sold me. Another was Rupert the Bear which made it's surroundings so lush, beautiful, quaint, and full of life. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was another one that made me feel like I was there in the sewers; a fellow pizza eating, weapon weilding turtle.

Cartoonists today don't care about making the product better they just do them for the money. - egnomac

They Had William Hanna & Joseph Barbara, Chuck Jones & Tex Avery while cartoonist today don't have the same passion that all these guys have. - egnomac

The animation very superior for its time.

They Had Better Cartoon Series

Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons, Duck Tales, The Flintstones, The Jestsons and so many great cartoons now they don't show most of them anymore. - egnomac

They Weren't Over the Top

Actually, Ren & Stimpy and its vastly underrated contemporary Rocko's Modern Life were both incredibly over the top, although usually not in a bad way

The Older Episodes Were Better

Some longer running series like The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy all had their best episodes earlier on, but over the years they've completely run out of good ideas - egnomac

The older episodes are good

Nicktoons Was Better

Nicktoons started to create old episodes

Agreed. But still better except for Loud House, Winx and Regal Academy. - AinezoChan

Yeah! Now they just air crap like Crashletes


Cartoon Network Was Better

When they got rid of the noods in 2009 with a live action launch, they destroyed their channel. - Turkeyasylum

Agreed but I still hate CN. - AinezoChan

They Weren't Trying to Be Hip with the Kids
There was More Hand Drawn Animation

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They Were Not as Politially Correct

That's true

CW 4Kids is Better Than Vortex
The Older Episodes Were Better

I like both seasons 1-3 and 11 the best. - IcetailofWishClan

I never got why people were saying SpongeBob was overrated or one of the worst shows ever because of a lack of good episodes. Same with the Simpsons. They just both lost their glory days of good episodes. It doesn't mean they were bad shows to start off with and it doesn't mean they are overrated.

Back in the day Sponge Bob was great but somewhere down the road the show completely fell apart. - ZZDOORAL

Finally! I thought I was the only one who thought that

They Were More Mature
They Were More Interesting

The new ones are all boring. People just run out of ideas.

The Preschool Shows Were More Educational

Yeah because television for under 5s should always be learn not comedy.

They Had Great Video Game Shows
They Were Regularly Shown in Theaters
The New Shows Don't Have Any Moral Lesson

There is no real moral lesson with the (new) old shows, like Tom & Jerry; Loony Toons (they really screwed that one) etc. with the old shows, they always had some form of lesson towards the kids. a good example is with the old Disney characters such as donald duck.

now its really just meant for wholesome entertainment that to me, makes no real sense.

They Were Less Annoying
They Had Classical Music
They Did Not Promote Bad Propaganda
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