Reasons Why Old Rap is Better Than Pop

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1 Old rap means something

I agree. Eminem is pretty much a god. What does modern pop have to offer? Taylor Swift, One Direction, Kidz Bop Kidz...*vomits in mouth*.

I know this isn’t about modern rap but...Kendrick Lamar? - DCfnaf

Tupac,Eminem,Biggie,Snoop Dogg,Dr.imes for rapDre,they are all great.1990's and 2000's were the best time for rap.-LitSavage

2 Old rap is more deep


3 In most pop it is all about sex

Pop music Lyrics has cliched stuff like Lyrics about falling in love, dancing, sex, partying, drinking, drugs, violence, loss of loved one and fitting in.

It’s getting old. Even the great Heaven In Hiding is, but I thought it was something else, so I put it at #1 on songs that describe me, that’s not very good.

At least when some metal bands do it, it’s well executed. Judas Priest did it with Eat Me Alive, but that’s sorta debatable. At least that’s a good song.

4 Old rap has better beats

Much better beats. - Userguy44

Yeah - ElSherlock

5 Old rap is more realistic
6 Most pop is has no meaning
7 Most pop is boring
8 There are more great rappers than great pop stars

I guess that’s true - DCfnaf

9 Pop isn't even a legit genre

Yes, unlike other genres, which have a clear definition of what they are, pop doesn't. - styLIShT

10 Pop is being made by people like Kesha

Most pop is mediocre these days, Kesha is worse than mediocre.

The woman who made one of the best pop albums of 2017. - DCfnaf

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