Top 10 Reasons Why Old SpongeBob is Better Than the Loud House


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1 Old SpongeBob is actually smart

I like The Loud House, but Old Spongebob has its classics and memes. It's way better. - DCfnaf

I'm glad this is comparing the show with old SpongeBob and not Modern SpongeBob. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I kinda like The Loud House but there are other shows that I like. - TLHFanBaseSucks

True, Old Spongebob is actually smart but these shows are both good. - TLHRules

2 Old SpongeBob is a legend that The Loud House will never top

Well duh. Old Spongebob will always be supreme to The Loud House. Old Spongebob is a classic, The Loud House is not. Now I like both but old Spongebob will forever top The Loud House because it was smarter, funnier, more memorable, and more iconic. Like I still remember the "Because I ripped my pants" line from old SB even if I haven't watched it in months while I can't remember any of the jokes from the latest TLH episode I watched and I watched it YESTERDAY. - Anonymousxcxc

I like The Loud House but it doesn't even come near Old SpongeBob, Old SpongeBob is legend. - PeeledBanana

That's true, but both have good morals. - DCfnaf

3 Old SpongeBob is actually funny

I agree chocolate wit nuts is better than my favorite loud house episode - epictoonsfan1

Pizza Delivery is my favorite Spongebob episode and it's better than Loud House. - DCfnaf

Band Geeks - PeeledBanana

4 SpongeBob doesn't have a cancerous fanbase where they ship someone related to SpongeBob and draws it badly

Trust me, I looked up pictures of the loud house and I saw gross incest stuff.. Who in their twisted, disgusting mind would do this? - TheLoudHouseSucks

I can't stand everything about the fandom - MrMonkey

Fandoms are the worst. - Datguyisweird666


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5 The Loud House characters rip off other characters like, Lucy rips off Raven and Gaz from Teen Titans and Invader Zim. SpongeBob doesn't

SpongeBob still rips off other characters in the past. Don't think that SpongeBob was the first show to be invented with originality considered it's not original at all.

"It's true, I do feel like a rip-off but I'm different from these two." - Lucy Loud

They also forgot that Lisa copies Chloe from We Bare Bears, but SpongeBob and TLH are both my favorite cartoons - GumballWatterson

Lola tips of Kootie Pie

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6 SpongeBob is about anthropomorphic fish under the sea. The Loud House is about lazy girls who depend on their brother on almost everything and plus, it features school

Comedy gold. - DCfnaf

I hate school wich is why I hate the loud house.

This opinion doesn't make any sense. Whoever wrote that must be a moron. The Loud House doesn't have the sisters depend on Lincoln, they only ask him for help. The girls are not that lazy! Also, The Loud House isn't only showing school, SpongeBob shows school like boating school and high school. Again you must be an idiot think that SpongeBob is normal and The Loud House has flaws. SpongeBob also has flaws and it does show school too!

7 The SpongeBob SquarePants theme song is better

I like the little painting of the pirate captain yelling "ARE YOU READY KIDS?! " - TheLoudHouseSucks

Spongebob is best cartoon for 18 years

Seriously, you don't need some modern time theme song. Classics is WAY BETTER!

The SpongeBob theme song gives me cancer anyways.

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8 Patrick is the better idiot than Leni Loud

Only when he's not a prick. Leni feels more like seasons 5 to 8 of Patrick, where season 1 to 4 and 9 to present Patrick is better than Leni.

"I think I agree with this list, Patrick is actually funny and better than my sister Leni." - Lori Loud

I definitely agree with this. I thought Patrick was more funnier than Leni.

Meh. Patrick ain't funny anymore and he's now the worst character but he was funny. - DCfnaf

9 SpongeBob doesn't have horrible fanart of little kids drawn naked or have short clothing on

Most of the fanbase is really cancerous, filled with pedophiles(If they draw the younger characters naked or have a crush on them based on the older you are), and gross. - TheLoudHouseSucks

Whoever make these type of fan art is a sadist and likes kids getting traumatized. - Datguyisweird666

Why is this a thing? - DCfnaf


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10 Almost no one forces SpongeBob onto people who don't like the show or really hate the show, Some Loud House fans can't accept opinions

Whoever wrote that comment isn't true! SpongeBob fans/lovers are being such babies when they can't handle the fact when someone says something negative to SpongeBob or if they hate SpongeBob. They force people to watch seasons 9 and 10 just because Stephen Hillenburg returned. They can't accept the fact that if they don't want to watch those seasons, they don't have to. Don't try to change their opinions or force someone to watch SpongeBob. The more hate SpongeBob gets is the fact that the fans/lovers convince the haters that SpongeBob is good. In my opinion, SpongeBob is as bad as of today, characters were being out of character and they become unlikeable when they become as jerks. I watch The Loud House and it's a really decent show, characters are relatable and has good animation. The fact that The Loud House is becoming as popular as SpongeBob is because it's a new breath of fresh air to Nick and it manages to get more viewers than any Nicktoon shows that Nick has and been ...more

Not true! Both shows can't accept opinions but ALL of the SpongeBob lovers/fans forces onto people who don't like the show or really hate the show.

"Some loud house fans" More like all of them - MrMonkey

Actually spongebob fans do force haters to like the show but you know something. I think that the haters deserve that because have you seen what the haters do? They continuosly bash on the show, they call the fans names and send death threats to the writers of the show! They even call the show gay which is homophobic( yeah it's true. Search it on the internet). Just like mlp haters. The haters bash on the show and call the fans names. And these haters are multiplying and they are filling the internet with all this hate towards spongebob. I mean it's just a show come on. There are better and more important things to worry about. If we don't do something someday the internet will have nothing and I mean nothing else but just sb haters. Also if you bash a show because it's popular it will just become more popular because you are talking about it. Okay now. I know I'm going to get lots of hate and my comment will get thumbed down. I need to get ready...😖😖.

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11 SpongeBob is a better comedian than Luan Loud

I agrre why this question my boyfriend spongebob is funny that my sitter luan-lola loud

12 SpongeBob isn't stereotypical

True. - DCfnaf

13 Old SpongeBob doesn't have morals or any problems resulting in bad episodes
14 It has a lot of good characters

Loud house is okay but spongebob is my favorite cartoon

15 SpongeBob is improving

Loud House NEVER improves, but SpongeBob does.

Nope, SpongeBob is NEVER improving.

No, it's not. It's getting worse.

16 They don’t say bad words

In the loud house the baby lily loud said the D word

So It was censored and Spongebob did an episode exactly like that - toptenforlife

I have seen every episode of Spongebob and they don’t even say bad words

17 SpongeBob is older
18 Loud House memes are forced while SpongeBob memes are fresh

At least when I look Loud House memes and Spongebob memes

Isn't it the other way around.

19 Spongebob is actually funny and you don’t got to change the channel all the time

SpongeBob is a funny show it’s always been my fave and on the other hand lotto’s is just weird and you got to change the channel every episode you can actually enjoy SpongeBob

20 SpongeBob is cool

Spongebob is cool is what I think

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1. Old SpongeBob is a legend that The Loud House will never top
2. Old SpongeBob is actually smart
3. Old SpongeBob is actually funny
1. Old SpongeBob is actually smart
2. Old SpongeBob is actually funny
3. Old SpongeBob is a legend that The Loud House will never top


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