Reasons Why Old SpongeBob Is Better Than New SpongeBob


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1 It's Funnier

They're all funny, but I prefer the old ones.

I think both of them are equally funny. - LeRoiDesSapins

2 The Writers and Creators Are Better
3 It Has Better Character Personalities

I miss the old SpongeBob. - LeRoiDesSapins

4 It Makes More Sense
5 It's Not As Stupid and Disgusting As The New SpongeBob
6 Patrick Is More Intelligent

Patrick was a best friend to SpongeBob before 2005. After that, he's not a really good friend to SpongeBob. I don't say I hate Patrick, but I just notice it. Modern SpongeBob is pretty good as well, but it actually started to go downhill after season 8. - LeRoiDesSapins

7 It Has Better Writers
8 SpongeBob Is Less Annoying
9 It's More Realistic

I can agree on that. - LeRoiDesSapins

Yep. - LeRoiDesSapins

10 The Episodes Had A Better Plot

The Newcomers

? The music is better on the old SpongeBob

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11 The Animation Was Better

That's Because It Wasn't Used In Flash.

12 It's More Entertaining
13 Mr. Krabs Has Become Insanely Parsimonious In the New Ones
14 It Had A Better Showrunner
15 SpongeBob's Voice Is Normal

Everything feels different between old and new SpongeBob. - LeRoiDesSapins

1999-2004 Sounds plesent

16 It's Less Childish
17 It Had Better Characters
18 Less Inappropriate

Agreed. - LeRoiDesSapins

19 It's More Grown Up
20 It's More Charming

Especially the first season had a lot of tropical charm in it. The newer episodes do not have that kind of charm. - anonygirl

21 Band Geeks was one of the best episodes ever!
22 New SpongeBob has Puffy Fluffy

This is true. - LeRoiDesSapins

23 It's Original
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1. It's Funnier
2. It Has Better Character Personalities
3. It's Not As Stupid and Disgusting As The New SpongeBob
1. It's Funnier
2. The Writers and Creators Are Better
3. It Makes More Sense


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