My Personal Thoughts on Grown Men Dating Younger Girls

I just wanna make this nice an simple, and hopefully it turns out good and nothing goes seriously wrong.

It's kind of odd how older people have been dating younger people aged 18 lately. Yeah there's really nothing illegal about it but I completely understand why people would be so turned off by it, considering how most 18-year-olds aren't even mature or experienced enough, or even look younger. Now a lot of people have different rules as to what is considered a child and what isn't. Like people say 13 because 13 is when you become a teenager. Some even say it's 25 because that's when the brain stops developing. But for me personally, I would say that 18 is when you become an adult (a physical child to me is anyone aged 1 to 17. 18 is when you physically become an adult).

Now I wanna share my thoughts on something though, and that's older adults dating those as young as 18. I' am aware that it's frowned upon but I figured I try to give some helpful advice. Now Aragorn98 said this in his profile description, that if you are going to date an 18-year-old then try to give them as much knowledge and experience as possible and don't use them for your own selfish needs (this could apply to anyone of any age). Just keep in mind that this is a big responsibility. You're pretty much helping out an inexperienced person so you gotta take this very seriously. You don't want people to think you're exploring the teen. You also don't want to date them just for their bodies (trust me when I say that there's more to a person than just their looks. It's personality that really matters the most).

Now would I date someone as young as 18? Personally not. I mean granted I'd feel less dirty about it considering how they're overage but to me they haven't really matured yet (and the fact that they're still not legal enough to do other things like drink or enter casinos. And don't be so hypocritical by saying that 20 is a better age to date because even at that age you're still not legal enough). But I figured that I'd give the best advice possible if you're gonna date someone that young. Now for all the 18-year-olds out there reading this and trying to mature, I personally think it's not a big deal for you guys because I've mentioned in a reply that we live in the age of the Internet where people are learning things faster than they have in the past. So you can pretty much learn more important things like driving, taxes, etc. Just saying because I'm trying to sound a little more positive here (you know, someone has to look on the bright side sometimes).

I will say this though. One thing that I personally never got was ephebophilia (which is basically a form of pedophilia in which someone is attracted to those aged 15 to 19). What I don't really get about it is that it's considered pedophilia even though it has 18 in it. I'm just saying that 18 is when you become a physical adult. It's when someone older who is attracted to an 18-year-old is considered a pedophile but an 18-year-old who is attracted to underage teens is not? It doesn't make any sense. I've also stated in a reply that it doesn't really matter if it has the word 'teen' in 18. If it did then we would literally have 18-year-olds banging underage teens, and that's another huge thing I wanna bring up. I just wanna state that one of the reasons I made this post is because 18-year-olds really shouldn't date underage teens at all. From what I've heard an 18-year-old dating someone as young as 15, 16 or 17 is not pedophilia, but even I wouldn't condone that! That to me IS pedophilia because those under 18 are still not done developing yet (and by that I mean they probably can't bang older adults). I mean if you are 18 and you're going to date someone as young as 16 or 17 then make sure you're not having sex with them because like I said their bodies are still developing.

That's pretty much all I wanted to express. What do you guys think of this? Leave a comment and share your thoughts (and I will also say this. I wouldn't really say that those aged 18-20 are physical kids, but rather adults who are not fully developed considering how they're not old enough to drink. Though he brain stops developing at 25 like I previously stated so I guess you could say that those aged 21 are still developing but just get a lot more privileges. That is all).


Good post, but me personally will just stick to people my age. - 2storm

Amen to that. - visitor

I agree with everything you said. - visitor

UPDATE: My new girlfriend is 19 and I'm 21. But don't worry, she's pretty mature for her age and it's only a two-year gap between us. - visitor