Reasons Why Oliver & Company is Better Than Liv and Maddie

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1 Oliver is a much more likeable protagonist than Liv and Maddie.

What is it with you, Disney1994? You were doing better again with decent lists such as Worst Non-Disney Animated Movies, but now you're back at square one again! It's like you take one step forward, only to take two steps backwards! Come on! Give me a break! It's been an entire summer and you're still practically the same manchild you were even before you made that controversial comment! All you have to do is just apologize about your misdeed in only ONE sentence and learn to grow up! Then everybody might learn to respect you again! You remind me of Kariya Matou from Fate/Zero, except that he didn't whine about his life even though he suffered a lot of actual pain and misery unlike how you get hypersensitive over people not having the same opinions as you, Disney1994! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate to admit it but... even Danteem has improved with his new account Metts. While you Disney1994 you still haven't changed! If you'd stop making "Reasons Why -Insert thing is better then Live and Maddie" lists and instead made something more intriguing then you wouldn't be as hated as much. You can improve Disney.. you just don't want to improve. You literally get worse and worse. You're just terrible and you can't accept the fact that people have different opinions! Until you grow up and stop making these boring lists you'll not be one of the good users.

Quit it with the x is better than y lists! It's annoying - Neonco31

2 Oliver & Company has a greater plot despite being about dogs and a cat rather than people.
3 Liv and Maddie has bad messages like saying that plagiarism can be beautiful while Oliver & Company shows how you can find love and hope anywhere no matter what situation you're put through.
4 Oliver & Company is appropriate for all ages, including young children, teens, adults, and parents. Liv and Maddie is not, because it's way too stereotypical, sexist, and unrealistic.
5 Oliver & Company doesn't have spoiled brats.


6 Liv and Maddie has disturbing/disgusting scenes in episodes like Bro-Cave-A-Rooney and gross humor like Parker wanting to poop with the door open, Oliver & Company does not.
7 Liv and Maddie has dumb jokes and cheesy moments while Oliver & Company takes its audience seriously.
8 Oliver & Company is more inspired
9 Oliver & Company isn't cliched or formulaic like Liv and Maddie is.
10 More people like Oliver & Company than Liv and Maddie, while more people hate Liv and Maddie than Oliver & Company.

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11 Oliver & Company has much more epic action and adventure.
12 Oliver & Company is ok whilst Liv and Maddie is terrible.
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