Top 10 Reasons Why One Direction is Better Than The Beatles

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1 One Direction are nicer

These kinds of lists are starting to get boring.

Why does this list exist?

Please don't feed the troll. Please don't feed the troll….

Certainly John was kind of misogynist and said a controversial statement of being "more popular than Jesus", but he was less of a douche than post-One Direction Zayn or Kanye West, who does think he is Jesus. I have been a Directioner, but besides the Red Nose Day they funded, I do not think they did much. Plus, the Beatles actually took part in tons of activism (e.g. animal rights, peace).

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2 One Direction writes better lyrics

No they don't. they don't write songs. And the songs they sing are about love. I can name lots of songs by the beatles that aren't about sappy love: Eleanor rigby, Yellow submarine, help, let it be to name a few.

Ha you wish

3 One Direction doesn't need instruments to be talented

But they do need five crappy singers to be a band.

4 One Direction makes more love songs

So? 1D have little to no talent while the Beatles have more! - RiverClanRocks

5 The Beatles were only around for ten years

But their legacy lives on... They will always be remembered. Always.

Don't get me wrong, I love 1D but...they were only relevant for 5 years

6 The Beatles aren't talked about anymore

Oh great, here we go again. - MontyPython

Whoever wrote this is wrong and also a liar.

7 The Beatles are not that good looking

Neither are One Direction. - RiverClanRocks

If I was walking down the street with my yearbook and a pen in my hands, and I saw the Beatles walking down the strret, I'd ask them to sign my yearbook.

Why was Paul McCartney the cute Beatle then?

Oh please. do the maths! George Harrison (my favourite! ) is shmexier (ten times more sexy than plan ol' sexy) than all the members of one direction combined, times by TWO HUNDRED with a bit left over. that is really sexy. SO THERE! 😝

8 The Beatles weren't chased around as much as One Direction

That's a good thing...How would you feel if you had screaming fangirls running after you 24/7? - RiverClanRocks

This is So wrong - The Beatles were constantly mobbed by fans and the screaming girls were a major reason they stopped performing live - neither the band nor anyone else could hear anything except the screaming - Billyv

9 2 of The Beatles are dead

So? The Beatles still make amazing music - Catacorn

10 One Direction's albums are better

This list horrible. The Beatles are legendary and no one cares about One Direction anymore - Catacorn

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