Top 10 Reasons Why One Direction is Better Than The Beatles

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1 One Direction are nicer

Harry Styles is a fan of The Beatles and he probably got all of them to do the Abbey Road. Oh and they didn't even want to be a boy band they just wanted to get on the live show.

They do charities to help sick kids and they make people's dreams come true. They do everything in their power to make others happy

Ever heard of a girl with a terminal illness who's only wish was to meet One Direction, but One Direction decided to snub her because they weren't getting paid?

These kinds of lists are starting to get boring.

2 One Direction writes better lyrics

This is a troll. The Beatles have the talent and soul

No they don't. they don't write songs. And the songs they sing are about love. I can name lots of songs by the beatles that aren't about sappy love: Eleanor rigby, Yellow submarine, help, let it be to name a few.

True they the best people everr

Ha you wish

3 One Direction doesn't need instruments to be talented

Yeah, but they sure need autotunes and stuff. - radiasikosmik

Instruments would make you extra talented

But they do need five crappy singers to be a band.

4 One Direction makes more love songs

So what? A street musician in my town makes love songs, too. Does that makes him better than the Beatles?

So? 1D have little to no talent while the Beatles have more! - RiverClanRocks

If I ever date a musician, I would rather wish he played "Something", "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "All My Loving", etc. over "What Makes You Beautiful", "Little Things", "Kiss You", etc.

But the Beatles wrote better ones

5 The Beatles were only around for ten years

LOL, we Beatlemaniacs are still here even after half a century.

But their legacy lives on... They will always be remembered. Always.

And One Direction was only around for half of that

And One Direction was only active for half of that

6 The Beatles aren't talked about anymore

Then I will make people talk about the Beatles, once more.

Oh great, here we go again. - MontyPython

Whoever wrote this is wrong and also a liar.

7 2 of The Beatles are dead

I think someone who wrote this must be an immortal.

And I wish I was after listening to 1D. - RoseWeasley

So! You can’t live forever! The Beatles were the best band in the world! There is no expiration date on talent

And...your point is? - Catacorn

8 The Beatles are not that good looking

Neither are One Direction. - RiverClanRocks

If I was walking down the street with my yearbook and a pen in my hands, and I saw the Beatles walking down the strret, I'd ask them to sign my yearbook.

Why was Paul McCartney the cute Beatle then?

Bruh George Harrison is hotter than all 5 dickheads combined!

9 The Beatles weren't chased around as much as One Direction

Ever heard of Beatlemania?

That's a good thing...How would you feel if you had screaming fangirls running after you 24/7? - RiverClanRocks

This is So wrong - The Beatles were constantly mobbed by fans and the screaming girls were a major reason they stopped performing live - neither the band nor anyone else could hear anything except the screaming - Billyv

10 One Direction's albums are better

The Beatles made one of their best album when they were high. Try it.

This list is such a load of utter CRAP! One Direction was a nothing band compared to The Beatles and a number of other bands. The Beatles music and legacy will never die. One Direction who? has gone forever.

I genuinely laughed so hard at this list, because the person who wrote this is so utterly stupid, wrong and closed minded

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11 One Direction is funny

Guess you haven't see John Lennon's witty comebacks, Paul McCartney's epic burns, George Harrison's sardonic comments, and Ringo Starr's hilarious acts though.

The Beatles are funnier, and One Direction is so irrelevant now.

12 One Direction Has a Better Connection with Their Fans

Maybe they weren’t really in contact with their fans because social media didn’t exist? dickhead

13 The Beatles are boring and 1D is not
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