Top 10 Reasons Why One Direction is Better Than The Beatles

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1 One Direction are nicer

These kinds of lists are starting to get boring.

Why does this list exist?

Please don't feed the troll. Please don't feed the troll….


2 One Direction writes better lyrics

No they don't. they don't write songs. And the songs they sing are about love. I can name lots of songs by the beatles that aren't about sappy love: Eleanor rigby, Yellow submarine, help, let it be to name a few.

3 One Direction doesn't need instruments to be talented
4 One Direction makes more love songs

So? 1D have little to no talent while the Beatles have more! - RiverClanRocks

5 The Beatles aren't talked about anymore

Oh great, here we go again. - MontyPython

Whoever wrote this is wrong and also a liar.

6 The Beatles were only around for ten years

But their legacy lives on... They will always be remembered. Always.

7 The Beatles are not that good looking

Neither are One Direction. - RiverClanRocks

If I was walking down the street with my yearbook and a pen in my hands, and I saw the Beatles walking down the strret, I'd ask them to sign my yearbook.

Oh please. do the maths! George Harrison (my favourite! ) is shmexier (ten times more sexy than plan ol' sexy) than all the members of one direction combined, times by TWO HUNDRED with a bit left over. that is really sexy. SO THERE! 😝

8 The Beatles weren't chased around as much as One Direction

That's a good thing...How would you feel if you had screaming fangirls running after you 24/7? - RiverClanRocks

This is So wrong - The Beatles were constantly mobbed by fans and the screaming girls were a major reason they stopped performing live - neither the band nor anyone else could hear anything except the screaming - Billyv

9 2 of The Beatles are dead

So? The Beatles still make amazing music - Catacorn

10 One Direction's albums are better

This list horrible. The Beatles are legendary and no one cares about One Direction anymore - Catacorn

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