Top 10 Reasons Why Opinions Aren't Factual

I know most of you probably already know this but there is a difference between a fact and a opinion. Also I wasn't trying to make a comparison list before you ask.

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1 Stating your opinion about something doesn't make it a fact

Stating the Beatles is the best band ever is not a fact. Stating that Titanic is the best movie ever made is not a fact. Stating that Spongebob is the best cartoon ever is not a fact. All of these examples are just opinions plain and simple.

I don't like this list, I LOVE IT! Thank you for making it Jeff. People nowadays should realize that opinions are subjective and you don't need to necessarily agree with them.

The Fact about Splatoon 2's meta right now is that there's TOO MANY OCTOBRUSHES, N-ZAPS, SPLATTERSHOT PROS AND AEROSPRAYS. - mattstat716

True, but sometimes few things can't be considered in either way.
For example,
who's the greatest guitarist?
Jimi Hendrix.
Because of his influence.
Doesn't it mean there are better guitarists than him?
Then why he is best?
Because he was important.
So, what about those guitarists who play better than him?

So, who's the best guitarist can't be determined in either way. Neither opinion nor fact. Its just a small example. Best band, artist, movie, book or anything can't be determined factually. The things which are considered best, are usually those things placed by experts. Even Hitler could be seen as a good guy. Otherwise, why all the German people listened to him?

My point is that, there are very very few factual things. Most of the time a lot of factual things are just opinions we are choking. - zxm

2 Opinions vary on the person while facts just remain facts regardless

Very good list. I love it because I am one of the users on this site who always try to base their opinion on some facts. - Metal_Treasure

If you hate or like something vary on your preferences while a fact is a fact regardless of what happens.

Yes RaccoonCartoon and, an opinion is an opinion and a fact is a fact!

Agreed - GreninjaGuy

3 Facts can be proven opinions can't

Again no explanation really needed.

4 Backing up sources verifies a fact while complaining about something you hate makes it an opinion

It honestly gets old seeing a few people not being able to tell the difference.

5 Even if you're trying to make the argument of why you hate something it's not a fact

Honestly this gets annoying.

6 Saying something sucks is based on preference not factual proof

Fine list! Now practice what you preach.

Just because you think Jake Paul or even Game Theory sucks doesn't make it a fact.

7 Facts are important but opinions aren't
8 There's no proof to opinions

Because they're subjective not OBJECTIVE.

Sometimes but now always. I remember an argument that I had back in Junior school.
The argument was that whether God exists or not. Now, whether God exists or doesn't it's a matter of fact. But who's the god, how many gods are there or even there is any God now is a point of argument and opinions. No one can proof their own theories. But one of them is surely right. So, an opinion hidden behind a fact. But we cannot see the eternal fact. We just get angry if we see a religious man. We call him religious nutjob. What happens if he is right and we are wrong. Or vice-versa. So, we just can see facts through our limitations. We can not always say that, a fact is a fact. Maybe there are greater facts beyond those facts. Who knows? - zxm

However, I would like to add something. Opinions will always be opinions but some opinions are closer to being factually correct while others are far from that. Examples of 2 different types of opinions:
1) "Ozzy is the best singer ever". This is far from the truth by any definition of "good" singer that includes power, range, volume, vocal technique, etc. Yes, to make an opinion closer to being more or less credible, you have to have a good definition with measurable indicators that are objective.
2) "Freddie is the best singer ever". This is close to the truth considering his amazing range, power, vocal technique, etc. - Metal_Treasure

Even closer to the truth is Tom Smith is the best singer ever. If you don't know who he is, he is the lead singer of Editors and he has a 4.75 octave vocal range compared to Freddie Mercury's 2.92 octave vocal range. - Liam31idents

9 Facts use valid sources opinions are just expressions
10 Facts have evidence opinions don't

@BoredJeff - some items on this list mean the same, just put differently. That's not just my opinion, it's also a fact. - Britgirl

Example: Jack The Ripper killed 5 people vs. BABY SUCKS IT'S JUST A FACT!

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