Reasons Why the Original Powerpuff Girls is Better Than the Reboot Powerpuff Girls

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1 They had better voice actors in the original than the reboot

I loved Cathy Cavadini, Elizabeth Daily, and Tara Strong as the voices of Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. Why did Cartoon Network not ask the original voice actors, they actually wanted to come back and do the voices. Now we have Amanda Leighton, Kristen Li, and Natalie Palamedes as the voice of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They do not voice the girls as good.

Why would they replace Tara Strong with some random Asian Girl? Said Asian Girl just doesn't give charm to Bubbles' voice like Tara did.

Warning: This may be offensive to some users.
Tara Strong as Bubbles: Hi, I'm Bubbles. I am so cute.
Kristen Li as Bubbles: Hi, I Bubbles. I Cute.

Oh come on! Why they removed the original voice actors they are so good to voice the characters! The new voice actors sucks! - ChatNoirFan18

2 The original did not depend on outdated memes and lame jokes to be good

I don't know what the commenter that said the show is trying to grab the attention of younger audiences is talking about. I'm a kid and I don't think the show is funny, but extremely cringy. I much prefer the original, which was already great. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Both are equal...OLD MEMES OR NOT THE SHOW IS TRYING TO GET THE ATTENTION OF YOUNGER AUDIENCES WHO WEREN'T ON TWO FEET AND TALKING DURING THE LATE 90S AND EARLY 2000S. SO STOP AND THINK OF THOSE PEOPLE AND STOP COMPLAINING I'm PRETTY SURE WHEN SHOWS GOT REBOOTED FROM THE 60S TO THE 80S OR 90S THE PEOPLE OLDER THAN YOU FELT THE SAME WAY YOU DO NOW. And I'm pretty sure you liked those reboots cause either you didn't know what it was or looked similar to the trends in your timeline. SO don't DISS THIS YOUNGER WAY MORE COOLER TRADITION/GENERATION. shocker: I'm from this generation so congrats you old people are ruining children's positive thoughts and dreams and because of reboot fights we are gonna have WW3,4,and 5. Thank you old people and cartoon network you've turned old and young apart

The original was hilarious, jokes such as "I was an accident too". Now in the reboot, it is just a bunch of outdated memes like "No Me Gusta" which is not even funny. The reboot is not funny at all.

I have to agree here. While I do like the reboot as well, I find the 1998 version to be incredibly hilarious and memetic.

3 The original did not try hard to be hip and cool, the reboot does

I don't the reboot is trying it is making it cool and hip unlike the person who made this topic

It kinda did in some episodes.

4 The original has better animation

The stylish vintage backgrounds looked great and stand out compared to those of other cartoons. The characters themselves were simple but appealing. Action scenes were full of striking poses and violence. In contrast, the reboot is full of really boring backgrounds and characters, with a few unnecessary details added which don't make up for the incompetent art and bland animation. The old show looks so much cooler and more entertaining by comparison.

The original had thick lines to go well with the bright colors. And there weren't as much animation errors, only a few. But in the reboot, in almost every episode, I always see an animation error.

This entire list is so true. I tried watching an episode of the reboot and I was literally screaming at the T.V.. The reboot is worse than Teen Titans Go! in my opinion.

I agree, I even think Teen Titans Go is a bit better. At least that show has better animation.

Too much vintage in the old looked like it came out a comic book

5 The original has more enjoyable episodes, the reboot has more bad episodes than good episodes

But Steven Universe fan, even if the original had bad episodes, it would be better than the reboot episodes. - Gehenna

But the original had a few bad episodes.

6 The girls in the original are better than the new ones

The original Powerpuff Girls wanted to do something good for the people, as explained in the movie, by saving the day. Meanwhile, in the reboot, all the girls do is talk about memes and go to school.

Something animedrawer needs to do

Hey, you can dislike my list, but don't go bashing me just because you don't like my list. If you disagree, okay, but don't rant on me.

7 The original had better villains, the new one has boring villains

They’re all boring and annoying. I wish Mojo Jojo never appeared in The Powerpuff Girls because of his appearance. I wish Him never appeared in The Powerpuff Girls because of his appearance. I wish Sedusa never appeared in The Powerpuff Girls because of her appearance. I wish Princess 👑 Morbucks never appeared in The Powerpuff Girls because of her appearance. I wish the Amoeba Boys never appeared in The Powerpuff Girls because of their appearances. I wish Fuzzy Lumpkins never appeared in The Powerpuff Girls because of his appearance. I wish the Gangreen Gang never appeared in The Powerpuff Girls because of their appearances.

Really? Manboy? Bianca and her sister? Pack Rat? What kind of villians are these? Couldn't they come up with better villians? The original had cool villians like the Rowdyruff Boys and Femme Fatale.

Ok I'll go neutral on this one but they're not boring just ugly or have some sort mental needs

The reboot always have bland and forgettable villains that are way worse than Noin Teta.

8 The original is more fun to watch, the new one is annoying

In the original, I would laugh and enjoy every episode I watch. In the new one, it is just too weird, boring, and annoying.

Old people dissing the reboot are annoying I laugh at the reboot all the time

This reboot is horrible

9 The original had a great storyline unlike the reboot

Hey at least it HAS a storyline. TTG is nonconsistent and silly when it comes to that. We get shown more of the vulnerable sides of the common villains and why they became them. Let's take Morbucks for example. She's a brat but she wants friends and can get lonely. She may seem harsh but she doesn't know how to make friends the correct way. And sometimes she just wants to be good and kind but doesn't know how. She even said in one episode 'But I don't want to be a villain!' If that's not character development, I don't know what is!

The original explained well how the girls were made and how they started fighting crime, while the reboot just goes on with the Powerpuff Girls and does not explain.

10 The reboot has twerking

Yeah, there was an episode where we saw a big fat panda who looked like he was on drugs tweaking. And what's worse is that Blossom and Bubbles did it too.

Never seen the episode, but twirking in the reboot is unacceptable. They even twirked in the very end of the episodes

Did CN tried so hard to be hip and cool like mainstream kids who twerk, dab and use fidget spinners?

Oh God, Don't Get Me Started on This!

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11 The original had better staff
12 The original powerpuff girls has a better theme song
13 The original has more action and the girls fight, unlike the reboot.

All the girls do is go to school and talk about phones. Or either going on weird adventures. That is it, no crimefighting.

14 Bubbles is a whiny brat over stuff

Anime drawer I agree with you! Bubbles is the worst in the reboot.

Agreed, she is the worst in the reboot. I hate her in the reboot.

15 The original is more entertaining
16 Buttercup is a ruthless bully in the reboot

She's getting her own spin off called the slutty adventures of butttercup and it's gonna be horrible and disgusting
It's about buttercup who goes on misadventures with gumball darwin and anais and it's coming on Comedy Central in 2018

Wait, Buttercup is getting her own show? I would like to see it! She is my favorite cartoon character. I hope it won't be bad.

17 Blossom is really selfish and uncaring in the reboot
18 Even if most of seasons 5 and 6 were bland, they can at least deliver a few entertaining episodes, especially compared to the reboot.

I'd rather watch Chris Savino's episodes than the reboot series, because even if they were mostly bland, AT LEAST Chris Savino was trying to replicate the first four seasons.

19 Memes doesn't match
20 The animation looks like Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
21 Blossom and Bubbles get fat in the reboot

People with fat fetish are so disgusting why do people who have fetishes like to turn pretty people into ugly and unattractive people how is fat attractive at all! Why did this even get allowed?!

In one episode, they get fat. I hate it.

22 The reboot has too many animation errors
23 The show focuses on the girls

They're kids trying to live a kids life very entertain for kids and teens who have to save the world before bedtime. The show is showing how the girls are coping with their superhero life and child life both the reboot and original show this. Might be a good reflection to all of us drawbox

The girls are the least entertaining part of the original and this reboot. Each girl only has one personality and are really bland. The only reason why people like them is because they are "cute". Reminds me of Yoshi.

I like them because they can fight and have cool personalities, not because they are cute.

So? Isn't it supposed to?

24 It's hypocritical!

Okay, let me just start off by saying that they removed Miss Bellum for being too "inappropriate", and then they add the girls twerking, the panda seems like a pedophile, and Buttercup poked the princess' breast with the stick then the princess kissed her.

Blossom is sassy and mean, Bubbles is rude and selfish, Buttercup is a bully! Don't tell me the reboot is better than the original. I'll admit I didn't watch the original as a child, but now I realize I didn't have a good taste in television back then. I now see the light! #BringBackOldPPG

25 Jared Shapiro is in the reboot

He is a pedophile.

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