Top Ten Reasons Why the Original Spider-Man Is Better Than the Amazing Spider-Man

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21 The Amazing Spider-Man franchise only has 1 well received movie

It cracks me up to think about this, because tons of people argued and disagreed with me and everyone else who like the original movies better saying "just wait, after the amazing spider-man 2 comes out and kicks @$$ they'll make amazing spider-man 3 and 4 and they'll be so much better then the originals". Then the amazing spider-man 2 came out and all the people who said that immediately ate their words, I bet now they all feel so stupid for saying that

Here are my thoughts on both of the amazing spider-man movies

The first Amazing Spider-Man felt like it was turned from a fun humorous action packed adventure, into a slow, overly serious broodfest

The 2nd movie was an improvement tone wise, it was more fun, but maybe just a little too cartoony (I shouldn't even have to mention the portrayal of Rhino)

This is major proof that the original movies are better, how can TASM franchise be considered better if TASM 2 was criticized so heavily, on the other hand, 2002's Spider-Man was well received and most of the general audience really liked it, and you have Spider-Man 2 what many people consider the greatest Spider-Man movie to date and 1 of the greatest superhero movies of all time. I just don't understand how people think a franchise with just 1 well received movie is better then a franchise with 2 well received movies, I think people just like TASM movies better cause they're newer

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22 Longer, better planned out story line with better execution

Remember that crappy luck of the circumstances scene in TASM2? Peter gets frustrated with the fact that he isn't getting any closer to finding out about what happened to his parents and he breaks his calculator which COINCIDENTALLY had the subway tokens that Peter's father used in it, he goes down into the subway and COINCIDENTALLY decides to bang on the brick wall which COINCIDENTALLY causes a subway train to rise out of the ground which COINCIDENTALLY had all of Peter's father's work in it and also had a video explaining the entire god damn thing to us

23 Uncle Ben's death scene in the Amazing Spider-Man was bad

I mean seriously, a guy who just robbed a store who you've never met before bumps into you and drops his gun and your first instinct is to try and take it? Like who's that f&$@ stupid? I don't care how good of a samaritan you are, that was a stupid idea, especially considering the fact that he wasn't even gonna try and shoot you anyway, he just dropped it and Ben for some reason was like "I should take it" God that scene was idiotic

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25 Richard Parker Was Made To Be More Important Than Uncle Ben

This really made me mad, Uncle Ben is a crucial part of Peter's story, yet he barely got any development and was completely sidelined all for the purpose of making room for Peter's father

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