Reasons Why Over the Garden Wall is Awful

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1 It's Not a Comedy

Hahaaa so funny that there are spooky pumpkin guys... uh - lemur

As I went down this list and stopped getting angry and started laughing, these reasons are so idiotic.

The last time I checked not every cartoon has to be a comedy. If you really cared, you would’ve have checked and the genre of this show is dark fantasy and adventure. Unlike you, people with enough brain cells would have checked before watching to see if they would be really into this.

Stupidest reason of all I mean who said everything has to be a comedy nowadays. This is why we have genres I’m sure comedy is not the only genre of cartoons.

2 Bad Animation

Are you kidding me? Otgw has grew animation and whoever thinks otherwise needs to learn what animation is. #THE TRUTH

I'd like to see you do better

Seriously, CN? You can do way better than this. Wirt barely shows his arms and has a triangular nose, and Gregory has a small mouth and looks like a deformed fat person. Not to mention, their noses are pink and they have circular eyes with huge, soulless black irises.

It's an art style and yea, Wirt doesn't show his arms much but I think his character design allows that. - Mangata

3 It's Not Exciting

Whoever wrote this list is just insane

Who wants to hear you complain?

Who wants to watch two kids walk around a forest?!

4 It's Too Short

It’s called a miniseries for a reason.



Only 10 episodes?! I guess that CN thought the show was so bad they only let it run for a year.

5 Wirt is an Awful Brother

He never shows any concern of Gregory when they're in extreme danger.

And that is his character. I don't see how Wirt not being the best sibling takes away from the show, especially considering that some people just aren't super loving/caring/understanding of their younger siblings. - Mangata

Wirt is not the best brother but I don’t get how that affects the show. He even admits it in one episode where he says “I was never any good to him alive either.”

6 It's Overrated

It's a good show but according to IMDB it scores 9/10. Seems like a OTT rating to me.

You can’t say something is bad because it’s overrated. That’s not a reason for thinking it’s bad. That’s like saying something is good specifically because people don’t like it

7 It's Not a Kid-Friendly Cartoon

One episode, if I can recall correctly, had a part where the main characters were drowning in water, although that was part of a dream. But still...

It's not written to be extremely kid friendly. This show follows the Don Bluth idea that you can make something for kids really dark, and they can handle it if a happy ending is attached. Kids need to watch these, because even if they're scared, they're intrigued. - Elric-san

8 The Beast is Pointless and Unoriginal

Maybe your mom is pointless and unoriginal

It's SO unoriginal. We've seen "a dangerous beast that lurks in the shadows, away from the main characters until the last few episodes" a million times already.

Dude just stop we know you liked because one of your reasons was it was to short - toptenforlife

9 Women are Portrayed as Prizes for the Male Characters

What the hell are you even talking about with this?

Here we again with this

10 It Only Appeals to SJWs

Only a five year old would think this.

I am so sick of these CN shows that appe to Tumblr users/social justice warriors! I probably would've been okay if there were only a couple, but come on!

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11 It is Boring

Hell yea especially episode 9. Almost fell asleep while watching that one. Who the hell makes a filler episode in a mini-series that goes 10 minutes per episode?

12 There are No Transgender Characters

Seriously? Why would there need to be? I'm not transgender myself but I can assure you as a minority that not everything needs to be shown in a cartoon with minimal cast. Go read Magnus Chase or something.

(I am aware that Alex is genderfluid and not transgendered but I'm pretty sure that they are similar enough.) - Mangata

13 The Animation is Ugly

Your mom is uglier

14 The Characters are Mean
15 It's Stupid

Look's like you're running out of ideas to hate this show.

16 Borrows the same Nonsense Humor and Style of Adventure Time

This list is really stupid. It's not a ripoff of Adventure Time.

Cartoon Network's "Renaissance" is anything but. Garden Wall is just Adventure Time under another name, and even has the same writers and animators. It's just really overrated.

17 The Series Tries to Act Like an Anime
18 Rip Off of Gravity Falls

The only similarity they share is two siblings and something creepy in the woods. And the settings and plot are completely different. - TheAlbinoWolf

19 It Has No Black People
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