Top Ten Reasons Why the "Most Overrated Users" List Should Come Back

I was one of the few who never asked it to be removed.

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1 Overrated doesn't mean bad

No, calling someone overrated is not saying they're "bad", but it is definitely saying they're "worse", and that is in the same ball park as "bad", as far as I am concerned. - BKAllmighty

It really wasn't offensive. Overrated and bad are two different things. Overrated - Britgirl. Bad - admin. Now do you see? - TwilightKitsune

Yes, but unfortunately, there are 10 year olds who do not know that. - ObviouslyNotATroll

Sadly many people think that it does mean it's bad on the site. COUGH fortnite haters COUGH. - B1ueNew

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2 It's where we could give users constructive criticism

This is getting ridiculous. If you really want to create a community driven by cliques where new members are forced to fit in (or else), this would be the quickest and surest way to achieve it. Stop acting like you're above everybody else and give YOURSELVES some constructive criticism (this isn't only directed at you, Therandom). Do you really want a healthy community? Or do you merely want the power to manipulate others into acting the way you want them to? - PetSounds

Here's how I think of it: criticizing if fine, but criticizing for popularity is terrible. Criticizing for popularity is exactly what the stereotypical popular girl does at school. Basically, criticizing for popularity makes you seem like the Regina George of TheTopTens if you think about it. - Turkeyasylum

I'll make it short and clear. I don't want it to come back because this list isn't important enough for it to come back. This list bears no significance here nor it does anybody any good. - Kiteretsunu

3 Admin can make it a rule that you can't say evil things about the users

S/He did. I thought we were protesting against that rule. - keycha1n

I meant death threats, which is what the policy was actually meant for at one point, before it sucked. - Therandom

I think the list is what started the no hate week but I don't know
Besides most people just added same randomly to see how big it will get - Batmaniscole

As keycha1n said, we already decided that we did not want this to happen. It needs to be up to us to keep this site from being one, big, ball of negativity, and if we can't make that happen for ourselves, then this site is doomed. - BKAllmighty

Therandom, it was only deleted because you guys requested. Not you personally, but users like epicjake are to blame for this. - gemcloben

4 It was a good list

I used to hate the list, then I read the description, and then it was one if the most accurate lists I have ever read. - EpicJake

@Cosmo many users did, but they ended up realizing the list wasn't really harming anyone. I personally don't care when or if it returns. - Garythesnail

All the sensitive people say it's a bad list - Nateawesomeness

I though it was. - Therandom

The problem is: calling something "overrated,", is kind of sort of indierectly isnulting their fans for liking them like, "people should not like this"., or something that is like that. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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5 Some users deserved to be where they were

In my strong and honest opinion, Britgirl deserved to be on the list. She's possibly one of the most overrated users on here. Everybody loves her and I don't she's just a user, damn it. TeenTitansGoSucks has a lot of followers but is somewhat barely mentioned in lists like Britgirl. TTGSucks is just as nice as Britgirl well to me she is. She'd make an awesome popular user.

Like Andre 56 was number 1. - Therandom

So? He did have activity on the site. It just happens that some people liked that activity, others didn't. By that logic literally anyone here could be overrated. - Garythesnail

Like magnolia and keyson - Nateawesomeness

Britgirl- Lots of attention. But she's still a good user.
Andre56- 100 Followers
Faithangel/Angelofdarkness- 100 Followers and 1 List - EpicJake

6 Many users want it back

I've never seen it, but I WANT to see this back.

I don't care which way it goes - jmepa1234

I want to see it!

The reason it got deleted was because people were getting offended by it and even making petitions for it to be removed. And now we are complaining and want it back? I'm pretty nuetral on the list coming back. And if I were Admin I'd be pretty annoyed. - cosmo

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7 It would be a good move by admin

You know what? I don't blame admin. I blame you for requesting. You made this. - gemcloben

How many times must I say it, it's not admin's fault it's gone, I've never blamed them for it. - Therandom

Which some of their moves aren't that good this year... - Therandom

It wasn't actually Admin's fault the list was removed. Some of us users were being hypersensitive and asking for it to be deleted. So we are to blame not Admin. - cosmo

8 It wasn't a clone of "the Worst Users" list

But it's what we all treated it as. Why bring something back when you'll just use it to pointlessly argue even MORE? - Garythesnail

9 It would please many users

Yeah, users who start flame wars over which user is overrated or not in a desperate attempt to sound intelligent. Honestly, it's literally all ANYONE used the list for and I doubt that would change if it came back. Heck, I actually regret trying to sound smart with that one troll on the original list because all it ended up as was a flame war. Nothing more, nothing less. - Garythesnail

If this gets returned, I would be greatly pleased.

No, actually, not anymore. I provides little to no value of thoughtful discussion or to justify its existence on the site.

More like a NUCLEAR war.

Meh, I'm neutral over it. Even if it did come back I wouldn't care for it. - cosmo

10 It was used to link posts

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11 We can have more arguments

Arguments promote thoughtful discussion. What do you want? You want to ban arguments? Then we won't learn anything from an exchange of conflicting opinions. How pathetic.

This wasn't the point of the list... Idiot visitors... - Therandom

Why would we want more arguments? - cosmo

12 We want history to repeat itself

If the list comes back, the past and the present will collide in infinite majesty. - IronSabbathPriest

13 We can mock new users

That's actually a good idea!



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1. It's where we could give users constructive criticism
2. Admin can make it a rule that you can't say evil things about the users
3. Overrated doesn't mean bad
1. Overrated doesn't mean bad
2. It's where we could give users constructive criticism
3. It was a good list
1. It's where we could give users constructive criticism
2. Admin can make it a rule that you can't say evil things about the users
3. Overrated doesn't mean bad

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