Top 10 Reasons Why Paella is a Better Waifu Than Both Wario and Lana Loud

The Top Ten

1 Paella is tastier
2 Paella actually exists

Your waifu is a food. - DCfnaf

Paella is not fictional - Martinglez

3 There is more than one paella

There are lots of paellas, yet there's only one Wario and one Lana. - Martinglez

4 Paella is more well-known than Wario and Lana Loud

Wario is part of the most iconic video game franchise. Bad list. - DCfnaf

Who doesn't know what paella is? - Martinglez

Paella is associated with an irrelevant country so no - Puga

5 You can find paella outside of its country

And yet you can't find Wario outside of his country, or Lana Loud. - Martinglez

Games with Wario in them are released internationally and the Loud House is aired outside of America. - Skullkid755

6 Paella has a sexier colour
7 Paella is sexy

*implying Wario isn't* - DCfnaf

*implying Lammy isn't* - xandermartin98

8 Paella is amazing
9 Being a Paella Muncher is better than being a Wario muncher or a Lana muncher

I disagree. - Puga

No. - DCfnaf

I want to munch Lammy's carpet

I wanna rub my hands all over it

I wanna...I wanna REALLY FEEL IT - xandermartin98

10 Paella lovers are the best
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