Top 10 Reasons Why Paparazzi Suck


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1 Stalking laws don't apply to them

Laws really need to be put on them. Or at least limit the things they can do. We've become so drawn to online news and so vulnerable on basic stories that could be completely faked. CELEBRITIES ARE HUMAN TOO!

2 They don't leave people alone

I think their entire life is dedicated to something as pathetic as giving them a bad reputation. - Swellow

3 They show no respect

So what if that celebrity did something you disapprove off? - Swellow

4 They can photograph celebrities without permission
5 Their job is basically a crime
6 Most of the time they try to "expose" celebrities

TMZ is especially bad with this. They recorded some guy walking up to a car Justin Bieber was in and sticking his arm around Bieber's neck. Bieber stuck his hand out at him, so TMZ posted the video with the clickbaity title "Justin Bieber Punches Fan", obviously trying to get some dirt on him. Great job, you lying sacks of feces. - Zach808

7 They sell photographs to untruthful news companies, usually tabloids
8 They intrude on people's property
9 Nobody can do anything about them

If I ever get famous enough to have paparazzi stalk me, let it be known that anyone who gets too close is getting a kick to the nuts. - Zach808

10 A lot of celebrities hate them

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11 They contributed to the death of one celebrity

Who? - TwilightKitsune

12 They make lies to get popularity

There's an infamous one they did with A Dog's Purpose where they recorded a German Shephard doing a stunt. Normal right? TMZ uploaded it online, took out some scenes, and made it look as if the dog had been abused to do the stunts. The worst part is they got away with tricking so many people into giving the movie bad reviews for fraud, even though I think it was a mediocre film at best. Liars. - Swellow

13 They ask stupid questions that are pointless.
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1. Stalking laws don't apply to them
2. They don't leave people alone
3. They show no respect


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