Top 10 Reasons Why Paper Mario: Color Splash Will Suck

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1 Donald Trump will not be in the game.

He's too fat.

Imagine that though. Trump’s hair in real life does look like paper, so he would fit perfectly into the game - KingSlayer93316

Go play Super Potus Trump if you want that!

As a dedicated Trump supporter and a proud American, I think it's unforgivable that Nintendo could release a product to our country without even a mention of our president. Shameful!

2 It'll be the same thing as Sticker Star

They better not have that one stupid bridge in the beginning of the game again... - KingSlayer93316

Here's the looks better than Sticker Star, and it looks relatively fun, as all Mario games do. The problem isn't the game itself, more what's missing: Paper Mario greatness. It may sound entitled or spoiled, but it really isn't. I'm willing to give this game a chance, but I know it won't be original and immersive the way the first three Paper Mario games were. I think it's going to be as good as it can be under the terrible principles it's being created on, which are focusing solely on the paper gimmick and whatever new gimmick is added and reducing most of the RPG elements. But the original Paper Mario games were THAT good that it's worth protesting and waiting for years only to be disappointed with a similar game as one that eliminated most of the magic from the series. Paper Mario was our best shot at having more original story, characters, bosses, locations, e tc. a nd just being a more immersive, intense experience rather than just another Mario game, and while Color ...more

I just finished this game. It sucks.

Not really. I think it looks way better - darthvadern

3 The bosses are the Koopalings

Damn it, Nintendo.

I thought pink gold peach was bad but boy was I wrong. Nintendo please stop

The Koopalings?! How original! Nintendo, please tell me you’re joking... - KingSlayer93316

And people seriously complain about Rosalina being in everything. Rosalina is a great and developed character. The Koopalings are not. Stop giving us the same trash boss battle OVER AND OVER AGAIN. - DCfnaf

4 Rosalina will be in it

Well yeah it kinda makes it feel more like a main series mario game - darthvadern

I do like Rosalina, but not how she appears in everything. Rosalina is appearing in so much games in a row. I wished that this is the only game where Rosalina ends her streak because I'm always tired how Nintendo is putting her in every game now. by the way, she actually appeared in Mario and Luigi Paper Jam as a battle card cameo. Her streak did not ended.

You said you don't like Rosalina but it says in your description that your favorite character is Rosalina. Make up your mind. - DCfnaf

I do agree that Rosalina is a good character, but she's becoming overused, appearing in every Mario game now in SOME capacity. - LarkwingFlight

This doesn't mean the game will suck. Also, she was not confirmed to be in it. - DCfnaf

5 The game has a darker look of the characters

Nintendo just made the characters slightly darker now. Why's this a problem. Things will be dark and gloomy

It's better than the bright boring nature of sticker star. - DCfnaf

6 Still no partners in the game

Just the Paint bucket that helps you. Kersti was useless in Sticker star and now the paint bucket. Come one Nintendo, the partners in the Paper Mario series are good. Bring them back.

Hopefully this will be BETTER than sticker star. - DCfnaf

You get a bucket for a partner, but he/she is basically gonna be the Kersti of this game. When are gonna actual partners with unique personalities again?

7 It will be Splatoon in a nutshell

I think this guy lost his brain and is trying to type this without a brain, first of all you are complaining about a games that's not out yet and since it was out way before I wrote this, your making it sound worst then it really is. Trust me you need to try this game, I find Huey and this game pretty funny and even if it has paint in it and you need to paint stuff it's not Splatoon in a nut shell.

Splatoon sucked in my opinion. Ok this game is Sticker Star and Splatoon combined. This game will be so unoriginal

8 Princess Daisy will not be in the game.

Princess Daisy is my second favorite princess in the Mario series. Can Nintendo just add her in a single Mario RPG game?

Ok, just because some random Mario character isn't in the game, it doesn't make it bad! Look, I'm not happy this game is out, but I'll give it a chance and judge it based on important reasons rather than this. I find Daisy annoying, but even if I didn't, I still wouldn't be against a game BECAUSE a good character wasn't in it.

Ahh here it is. Yeah Daisy should be in a Mario RPG. That would develop her character. However, Nintendo is not going to do anything with her because she's not their character. Plus I like her in the RPGs and Rosalina in the main series. - DCfnaf

I never said I didn't want Daisy in games. I just said Nintendo doesn't seem to be doing anything with her. - DCfnaf

9 It has the TTYD beginning plot.

It doesn't even really have the TTYD plot. Frankly, that one was fantastic and original anyway, while this one is not great, at least by Paper Mario standards of having AMAZING stories anyway. This plot is just mediocre, although better and more original than Sticker Star.

Nintendo, choose another plot and we hate unoriginal stuff

It's better than Sticker Star's Story.

10 No playable Luigi

Yeah this is bad, but the first two Paper Mario games were EXCELLENT, and Luigi wasn't a playable character there. I'll admit that I did like Luigi being playable in Super Paper Mario (as well as Bowser and Peach in addition to Mario), and I wish he were playable in Color Splash, but that doesn't mean the game will be bad because Luigi isn't playable. I'm not thrilled about Color Splash, but at least give it a chance on make-or-break aspects and judge it from there.

Are you kidding me? That sucks! - DCfnaf

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11 It's nothing like Sonic '06

This is all a joke

12 Shigeru Miyamoto's Direction

I guess Miyamoto has never acknowledged the Sticker Star backlash.

To think that the man who've had created such amazing franchises would learn to make good RPGs from experts when clearly he has become cheap, lazy, and unoriginal.

13 Bowser is gonna be the main villain and final boss again

I do sometimes like Bowser as the final boss, but does he have the final boss all the time nowadays?

Yep Its Bowser

14 Same controls

You use a hammer but it paints, nothing new to me.

15 It'll also be TTYD in a nutshell.

To whoever posted this item, I'm starting to regret making this list.

Ok, this comment is almost like an insult to TTYD. Look, I like Color Splash, although I'm not happy about how unoriginal it is compared with old Paper Mario games. If it were TTYD in a nutshell, it would at least be good and feel special, even if it were a rehash, which would be a little disappointing. The games are not at all similar (although the hub worlds do share a BIT of similarity) due to the lack of originality and intensity in Color Splash, and overall, they're just 2 different games for whatever good or bad reasons there are! Just judge them separately, and if you dislike one, give the other a chance! (although I LOVE TTYD so it'd be hard for me to understand someone hating it, but I would respect that opinion)

At least TTYD is a good game. - DCfnaf

16 Over-abundance of Toads

€ - The princess is in another castle” said every Toad ever to exist in Mario games - KingSlayer93316

I hear there is gonna be these Toad rangers, but they're still Toads so who's gonna give a crap?

I like Toad a lot, but you can't have THAT many Toads in a game.

"Thanks Mario, but our-"
*gunshot* - mattstat716

17 It's nothing like Super Paper Mario
18 It's nothing like Sonic Boom Rise of Knuckles
19 It's nothing like TTYD.
20 It's nothing like Paper Mario 64
21 It's nothing like The Legend of Zelda
22 It's nothing like Professor Layton and the Sticker Star
23 It's nothing like Phoenix Wright: Paper Attorney
24 It's nothing like Star Paper
25 It's nothing like Kirby's Paper Land

Is this the same person who put the other “It’s nothing like” items? - KingSlayer93316

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