Top Ten Reasons Why Paper Mario Sticker Star Was a Letdown

Sorry to pmss lovers but I just can't stand this game but graphics were amazing

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1 Story

Yeah, this is pretty much what made the other games great. The amazing and unique characters, bosses, locations, and stories are what made the Paper Mario series stand out. However, although Sticker Star was a major letdown compared to the others, it is not a terrible game on its own merits. If they gave us another great Paper Mario game and released Sticker Star as a new and unique idea that wasn't part of the series (maybe called Super Mario Sticker Star-although this game did do the paper gimmick great), it wouldn't be hated nearly as much. It was not original and awesome enough, but it was a good concept that still was mildly entertaining. The thing I actually hate the most is that now, the Paper Mario series is probably just going to become this style and never be as unique again, even if the games are better. NO! Sorry, I just love the Mario RPG games very much. Also, I want to jump for joy and cry with despair simultaneously over the thought of Paper Jam, as it is a great ...more

What is really sad is the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto- the very creator of the Mario series- is partially responsible for the lack of story in this game and the downfall of the Paper Mario series. I actually heard that when the developers were creating this game, Miyamoto told them to change it because it was too much like The Thousand Year Door. What? TTYD was amazing, and Sticker Star could have been a great game that gave us what we loved (because come on, any Paper Mario game that is similar to TTYD would be great). Instead, they gave us this trash that is Sticker Star. And you know what? Color Splash is too similar to Sticker Star, but Miyamoto didn't seem to have a problem with that. So apparently Miyamoto isn't ok with a Paper Mario game being too similar to a beloved game like TTYD but is ok with a Paper Mario game being too similar to a hated game like Sticker Star. WHY!?
One of the reasons Nintendo gave for changing Paper Mario is the fact that we already have a Mario RPG ...more

The last 2 entries had amazing stories, especially Super Paper Mario. I'd much rather save the multiverse from a demented clown bent on becoming God than save the princess from Bowser for the billionth time.

This formula is now going to be the norm of paper Mario, If Nintendo does hear our criticism they will probably 1.not listen 2.stop making paper Mario games won't effect the reputation of the game, but the series as a whole

2 Poor Battle System

Let's hope paper mario switch has a different and hopefully better battle system.

Super Paper Mario has a much better battle system.

The only way of attacking in battle is using stickers. The problem is when you use a sticker its disappears and you can't use it again. What makes it worse is that you don't get any experience points meaning you can't level up. Because of those reasons it seems pretty much pointless to fight enemies. Even Super Paper Mario has a better battle system even through it seems more like a platformer.

Stickers yay. The best part is if you ran out if stickers during a battle well your dead yep limited moves

3 Partners

Unless you count stupid kertsi who's tattles are boring then there aren't any partners. No smart goombas or nice koopas or bob ombs every single one of them is BAD to the bone

Nintendo neds to make a paper Mario game like the first two! Those are my favorite Mario rpgs and I don't car what the ttyd haters say! This is just my opinion!
Paper Mario 9.75/10
The Thousand Year Door 9.75/10
Super Paper Mario 9/10
Sticker Star 6/10 - HeavyDonkeyKong

I hate Kirtsti.

4 Music

Paper Mario star spirits great, paper Mario ttyd were counting on you Mario music awesome, super paper Mario flip side amazing but decal burg I hate it all

I literally saw one comment that says that Paper Mario: Sticker Star has the greatest soundtrack of all Paper Mario games (even more so than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door). Name me another reasons why Paper Mario: Sticker Star is overrated besides disempowering females. Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario have unreasonably underrated soundtracks.

Gooper Blooper's theme was the only good song, everything else is mediocre at best.

5 Boring Bosses

This makes no sense- I've replayed the entire game 3 times, and the parts that I enjoyed most were the bosses. (Specifically Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper.) With the exception of Bowser, this game has amazing bosses.

Nothing new just plain old shiny goombas and pokies

But how about Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper.

They are ALL giant versions of regular enemies. And also Bowser.

Megasparkle Goomba
Tower Power Pokey
Gooper Blooper
Mr. Blizzard
Petey Piranha
Bowser - DCfnaf

6 No Need to Level Up

Well you didn't level in fact defeating the enemies is useless, unless you want to waste stickers or just get coins and buy new ones you can literally just go from the begging to the end without leveling up and you'll be ok

You don't gain experience from battles. You just get coins which you use to buy stickers which you use in more battles. TWO WORDS. Point Less. - DCfnaf

"No Need"? You can't even level up! Heck, even Super Paper Mario had a level system.

That is so bad, well at least I can skip battles

7 No Unique Non-Playable Characters

But the Toads were unique in past installments!

In the older paper Mario games there diverse characters that were memerable and not stupid toads.

The only unique non playable characters were that god awful Kersti and Mizzter Blizzard (who is actualy one of the only GOOD things about this game, before you start disliking my comment please hear me out) he actually has more characterization compared to the other characters because he has a geninuely sad backstory plus he's the only boss who isn't truly evil and actually had a good reason to use the sticker I'm not trying to defend the game I'm just stating one of the only good things of the game

All the NPCs in this game are a bunch of stinking TOADS! In previous Paper Mario games there were unique characters with unique personalities like friendly Goombas, Koopas, and Bob-ombs.

8 This Game Ruined the Whole Paper Mario Franchise

In Miyamoto's opinion, this is the norm for a Paper Mario game now, stale combat, bad story, and just awfully boring. And while Color Splash fixed SOME of this, it definitely isn't the new Thousand Year Door and we'll probably never get a game similar to that ever again. Pretty sad if you think about it...

Honestly, I don't even hate Sticker Star, I just hate how it ruined Paper Mario. Now we're deprived of all that magic and originality in the future because Miyamoto decided that instead of this just being one hit-or-miss game, it would now be the formula for all future Paper Mario games.

Paper Mario is not dead

Miyamoto needs to retire already he's way past his prime.

9 No Sense of Accomplishment

Yeah, you break into his castle, bust his butt, and literally flatten him for no good reason, Mario should just free Peach and leave, the second reason? Rescuing the Royal Stickers, THEY ARE EVIL, think about it, when somebody puts one on his (or her) head, that person goes sparkle crazy, even some goombas complained about how it changes your very mind, one even turned a friendly Snowman into a heartless brute

After you defeat Bowser it doesn't actually matter. The first game was the same but it felt good the second beating up the shadow queen felt great the third super dimento gone just felt real good and very touching cutscenes.

I hate when Princes sPEach gets kidnapped.

10 It's the Shortest Mario RPG

Not even true I don't think. I believe Partners in Time was the shortest, correct me if I'm wrong. Still, I LOVE Partners in Time and I find Sticker Star to be mediocre, so game length has nothing to do with the game's quality. While I do prefer a longer game, it doesn't affect the overall quality of the game (and also, while I love Dream Team, it was VERY long at least for me, so it can go too far).

Shorter than Justin Biebers red rocket.

Its not even an rpg anymore

I can't believe I got hated for preferring Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors over Super Paper Mario's successors! >:(

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11 Bowser Doesn't Talk

I sometimes liked Bowser's threatening and humorous speeches in Paper Mario games. It shows us more of his personality and things other than just wanting to destroy Mario. But in this game he lacks any lines of dialogue and seems more like some mindless monster. I mean its okay for Mario not to talk but Bowser not talking just doesn't seem right.

I hope he explains why he don't said his motivations in color splash!

12 Everything has 2 frames of animation
13 Not Challenging

Well it was plainly easy just use a bat and your already defeated the pokey how fun, never even had a game over

The final bosses main attacks do only 10 damage, some REGULAR ENEMIES do that much damage

14 Lack of Originality

There isn't any at all, super paper Mario was very original I fact there between dimensions, the same goes for the other ones too, but not this game just saving peach defeating Bowser nothing new nothing cool just same old same old

While all the other games had completely original ideas, Sticker Star just replaces this with the same old 'save the Princess' idea.

Come On! Haven't you forgot about the First one?

15 Peach getting kidnapped & not being capable of taking care of herself

Peach haters!

Well hey, nobody should be forced to not love Sticker Star's predecessors for their complexity, sharpness and three-dimensionality. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Princess Peach ruined this whole game! She sucks! This game is even worse than PMTTYD!

Paper Mario & super Paper Mario are great, though!

16 Princess Peach Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is the lead female of the The Mario franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario more.

She was barely in the game! You peach haters are SO ANNOYING. - DCfnaf

Worst Mario character ever. She just had to ruin PMTTYD!

17 As Bad as Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Actually, This Is Worse.

Whoever wrote this is wrong. - DCfnaf

How dare you, TTYD is one of my favorite games of all time and Sticker Star is garbage compared to this masterpiece.

Not bad as ttyd, but much worse. TTYD was a whole lot f fun except for backtraking and overuse of lengthy texts. - HeavyDonkeyKong

18 Poor Set-Up

The levels literally have blue spaces and red spaces just like new super Mario bros it almost feels like it's more of a platformer rather than an rpg

It is boring and the levels ocasinonaly have frustrating puzzles that be found anyware in the world

19 Princess Peach was In This Game Instead of Princess Daisy & Rosalina

Can you all shut up that Peach didn't get replaced! Paper Daisy or Paper Rosalina don't even exist.

I think you Daisy and Rosalina fans need to lay off. I don't want Rosalina getting captured. - DCfnaf

Well Daisy sucks too so... - HeavyDonkeyKong

20 Luigi's role in the game

Compared to the previous games, Luigi seems non-existant in this game. He only makes a few short cameos in the game and doesn't say anything. He could've at least been playable, been on his own adventures, or get brainwashed to become a villain.

Why couldn't luigi be playable? - DCfnaf

21 Wario and Waluigi's Absence

Yeah I wanna see Wario again. - DCfnaf

They weren't in any other paper mario either...

22 The Art Style

I hated Peach's new hair design in this game and her hair is the same thing as TTYD. Things are going backwards, Peach was a lot better in Super Paper Mario

23 The Navigation


24 Bowser Was the Final Boss Again
25 It's very overrated

The comment section of PhantomStrider's list of worst Mario games was rigged with "Paper Mario: Sticker Star is great! " when it is the only Mario RPG that does not deserve any praise.

26 You Get Lost Real Easily
27 Easter Egg

In the shy guy jungle or whatever there is a note from goombella, could she be dead or something, I hope not

28 Princess Daisy & Rosalina Weren't In This Game

Yeah, I guess they should've been in it. - DCfnaf

29 Princess Peach's Voice

She doesn't even have a voice in this game! You idiots! - TheYoshiOverlord

She nevers does that voice -.-

30 Not a Crossover


31 Decalburg

Really? What a excuse?

32 No Interesting Characters

Literally 90% of the characters in this game are toads and shy guys. While I like those 2 species, I want to see interesting characters like in the previous games.

33 Overabundance of Sticker-Themed Assets

I mean sure, the thing stickers were a bit creative, but the reason we liked the first 3 paper marios weren't because they were "paper" mario, it's because they were "mario's story". The whole sticker concept makes the entire game seem childish. Sure, TTYD had those paper transformations, but the game wasn't built around them. They were just small gimmicks. I know Intelligent Systems can still make good rpgs; just look at the Fire Emblem series. I hope Miyamoto doesn't tamper with the series again.

34 You Can Skip Battles
35 Hard to Flee
36 The "Friendly" NPCs are all/mostly Generic Toads
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