Top Ten Reasons Why Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Is the Best In the Series

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1 The Story

Super has better though - darthvadern

Pretty long and the chapters each have there own unique story which tie into he main story very nicely in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Each chapter has its own unique story! Yay!

Super Paper Mario's story is way better and most of us know it. If this is number 1 on the list it's legit that Super Paper Mario is better.

2 The Partners

I love how each partner in this game has they're own personality, which makes them more interesting.

I loved the partners in this game. Especially Admiral Bobbery, Vivian, and the baby Yoshi. - Garythesnail

I Love ttyd! My favorite partner is Vivian!

A Yoshi who was BORN INSIDE OF A FIGHTING RING! - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 The Boss Battles

I think Super's are better - darthvadern

You can fight dragons, robots, and a walking bedsheet that can steal your body!

4 The Humor
5 The Areas

I love all Paper Mario games, except for sticker star! However, this one is my favorite!

6 The Music
7 The Graphics

Good follow up to the Nintendo 64 graphics!

8 You don't have to play as Princess peach a lot of times

I hate Princess peach! She's only good in Mario kaft! Oh, and in Super Mario 3DWorld, Super Mario Bros 2, and Super Princess Peach! In my opinion, I honestly didn't even like Super Princess Peach!

9 The Battle System

Every battle takes place on a stage with an audience watching you. Many things can happen during these battles, audience member could throw items, objects might fall on you, or bosses will use the audience for health or ammo.

Just like the Battle System of the good old original!

10 The Levels
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