Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Aren't Doing a Good Job

The Top Ten Reasons Why Parents Aren't Doing a Good Job

1 They're overprotective

My mom takes it up to an extreme level. She’s so paranoid about EVERYTHING! (Especially with sunburns and sugar)

2 They swear at you
3 They only care about your grades

My parents are Asian and this is what they constantly do all the time.

4 They have sex in front of you

What kind of parent would do this? - pupcatdog

Your mom

5 They give unnecessarily long or harsh punishments
6 They act tough
7 They call an explanation an "attitude" because they know they're wrong
8 They make you wait to eat
9 They take you everywhere
10 They don't care about their kids' opinions

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11 They spoil their kids

Parents can spoil their children all they want but it is a BIG FAT MISTAKE and they end up regretting it. For parents: Good luck teaching your children about the meaning of "BE HAPPY AND APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF POOR PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAT DON'T HAVE NICE THINGS LIKE ALL OF US DO! "

12 They let their kids consume inappropriate media
13 They don't teach their kids manners
14 They treat one child better than the other
15 They put kids down
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