Top 10 Reasons Why Patrick Star Is Better Than Uncle Grandpa

Here we go, Patrick needs to punch Uncle Grandpa in the face.

The Top Ten

1 Uncle Grandpa's voice is the same but dumber

Patrick's Voice is better than Uncle Grandpa's voice. I'll tell you why, SpongeBob is way before Uncle Grandpa and Patrick's voice is original. Now we're hearing Uncle Grandpa's voice is much like Patrick but we like Patrick better than this guy.

Before the first time I saw Uncle Grandpa, I was actually hearing the voices, I was like, "Wait, did Patrick has his own show? " but no. Its about this Creep that just gave me nightmares and... Yeah. - bugger

Wait a min, This list is in the Anime category! How is Uncle Grandpa and SpongeBob anime? There not! - bugger

2 Uncle Grandpa is much dumber than Patrick

I like Patrick Star's stupidity because I love his old quotes from Old SpongeBob, now Uncle Grandpa's quotes makes no sence. All he says is "Good Morning! " that what he says. And he does some other stupid quotes other than "Good Morning." Say, just ignore this show and try to get it out from your nightmares - bugger

3 Uncle Grandpa only has 4 friends

SpongeBob's animation is better and this show has tons of friendly characters. Uncle Grandpa characters are like imaginary. Patrick has more friends than Uncle Grandpa - bugger

4 Patrick is hilarious

Uncle Grandpa's annoying Patrick is hilarious.

You can't find much comedy in Uncle Grandpa but, Go watch old SpongeBob, the reason why I am saying Old SpongeBob is because the New episodes and seasons are worse and the old ones are funny. Was CN even trying? - bugger

May I take your hat sir!

Patrick Season 1 of SpongeBob- Funny
Uncle Grandpa Season 1 of Uncle Grandpa- Annoying.

5 Nothing is better than Patrick's good Comedy

You know this YouTube User named NigaHiga? He is the only funniest YouTube User that you can find! He makes good jokes and Patrick's comedy is better than Uncle Grandpa.

South Park is funny too and why did I put this here, I just put it here for people that doesn't watch South Park - bugger

6 Patrick is the only original funny character while Uncle Grandpa is not
7 Patrick is not Creepy but Uncle Grandpa is
8 Uncle Grandpa breaks the laws of physics
9 Patrick is Dumb in a Good Way and Uncle Grandpa is Dumb in a Bad Way
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