Top Ten Reasons Why Pauline is Better Than Princess Peach

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1 Pauline is the underrated one

SHE IS! Peach is not a boyfriend stealer! Pauline locked Peach out of the NDC festival and flirted with mario!

2 Pauline is more original

Not really, she's just a brown haired girl in a red dress who sings a good song. - SourChocolate

"Original"? Pauline has literally no attributes, and coming first in the franchise doesn't redeem her. At least Peach has a cousin and an actual character theme. Pauline is basically Isabelle but useless. - Qryzx

What cousin? If your talking about Daisy, then that was never proved canon. - RosalinaX

Technically Pauline debuted before Peach. However just because she came first doesn’t make peach bad - Randomator

3 Pauline's fans are not rude towards other females

There are no Pauline fans on this sie what are you talking about. - RosalinaX

You Peach haters are the ones who started it you hypocrites. - Qryzx

They are now - ParkerFang

4 Pauline's not a stereotypical damsel
5 Pauline is more beautiful
6 Pauline is better with Link

Lmao in a lower reason you said Pauline doesn't have crossover ships you hypocrite. - Qryzx

7 Pauline isn't a Mary Sue
8 Pauline has a better role
9 Pauline is easier to save

Well, pick which you think would be easier to escape from.
Being trapped in a cage with 7 Koopalings and a Giant Turtle watching you while being put right above lava.
Being put on an open platform by one monkey busy trying to defeat a plumber by throwing barrels.

You think Pauline would jump off the platform but no. There's even ladders to help her climb down.

Peach doesn't move when Bowser pops up, yes, but she might've been frozen in fear. I mean, who wouldn't if a turtle as tall as a castle tried to kidnap you?

I also thought you people liked challenge. - Qryzx

10 Pauline isn't as sexualized


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11 She has boobs

admit it.

12 Pauline isn't used for crossover ships

But you just said that Link is better with Pauline. - Videogamesgal

Saying Pauline isn't used for crossover ships.
Said earlier that Link is better with Pauline. - Qryzx

Crossover ships suck and why the heck would anyone pair a character from one series with a character from a different series? It never makes sense and there is no logic on how it would work. Crossover ships should be banned in fanart and fanfics in my opinion.

13 Pauline isn't used for hentai appeal

Search up Peach on Deviantart. Enough said. - RosalinaX

How is Peach used for hentai appeal? - Qryzx

14 Pauline has more personality

I'm so sick of Pauline fans bashing the princess trio. They only like her for her chest

15 Pauline made her first appearance in Donkey Kong

Which is apparently ez e enough 4 u. - Qryzx

Alongside Mario and DK of course.

16 Red is better than Pink

Come on, this is completely irrelevant to their characters. - Qryzx

Red is less girlish, but pink is way too girly.

17 She treats Mario great

Once - RosalinaX

Peach offers Mario cake. - Qryzx

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