Top Ten Reasons Why Paw Patrol Is Better Than Sofia the First

I hate sofia the first its one of the worst shows on disney

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1 Paw Patrol has better art

I agree with the person who said the shows don't suck.

Bro, Paw patrol is 100 times better than sofia the first. And I don't even like it!

Both shows suck equally

Yes all the pups are beautiful and sofia bleh

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2 Sofia the First is immature V 1 Comment
3 People like dogs more than princesses

I am a proud, huge dog lover. And I do NOT approve of paw patrol. I cringe every time I hear it!

Dogs are cuter than princesses who would want a princess

That's how I am!

4 Clover is fat V 3 Comments
5 Meanie heads

This reason is really stupid and immature. I mean "meanie heads"? That isn't a good insult! - RalphBob

None of the Paw Patrol are mean, but in Sofia, so many characters are mean, like Cedric.

Sofia the first has meanie heads

This item is immature. - Cartoonfan202

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6 Chase is more mature than Sofia

Skye, Everest, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Marshall and Ryder are good, and Chase is crappy

He's the only good character. Everyone else is ugly.

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7 Sofia is dumb

She is a Mary Sue who acts like a glitch in the hall.


8 Paw Patrol has some great characters

Yes Like robo patrol and dimensional Ryder (in hero and neutral mode)

Paw patrol has terrible characters.

No they don't you dummy.


9 Sofia the first sucks

Sofia the first does not make any sense in the blue ribbing bunny one Sofia hurts clovers feelings but the dumb amulet does not curse her. If I had the amulet I would burn it, and in the one where Sofia hurts her friends feelings I mean come on I would be happy and exited if I got picked, but the dumb amulet has to ruin everything, sofia the first is a terrible show, my little sister hates that show she likes paw patrol better

This is a stupid reason. This is more like an opinion. - Minecraftcrazy530

SOFIA IS SO BORING: I watched 3 episodes of sofia and almost all of paw patrol episodes.

It does. LOL

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10 Sofia the First is for girls

Yeah boys can watch paw patrol it is for all genders sofia the first is more for girls

Paw Patrol is neutral gender, and Sofia is targeted at girls.

Yeah Paw patrol could be better or worse than Sofia the first for boys or girls.It's not if boys and girls like or dislike either show. It's how you look at it, that is the proof to defending your opinion(s).

I hate Sophia The First and I'm a female. I've always hated princess/dolls/SHOPKINS. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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11 Skye is better than Sofia

Wow real mature buddy I:

Skye is a lot better than loser Sofia.

Skye is a loser!

Skye can fly: Sofia can't!
Skye can do backflips: Sofia can't!
Skye eats good food: Sofia eats gross food!
Skye has tons if members: Sofia hasn't!
Skye is the best: Sofia isn't!
that's my point.

12 Sofia the First has some mean characters

Ambers not the worst dunk cedric is

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13 Both shows are terrible, but Paw Patrol is less horrible

This is more like an opinion, and it's a lie.

PAW Patrol - Neutral
Sofia The First - Terrible
(That's just an opinion)

No paw patrol is horrible and it sucks

14 Amber is always the bad one

I don't think amber should be portrayed as an egotistical jerk.what does that teach little girls? oh, that if you make one mistske and like to be girly, you're bad? Sofia the first is okay but please, change Amber.

15 Dimensional Ryder is cool because his hero and neutral mode are awesome

Why he will appear in a paw patrol three parter and contains levels from shadow the hedgehog video game

16 Paw Patrol is more colorful
17 Paw Patrol has better plots V 1 Comment
18 The characters are better

PAW Patrol: I like all the characters, except arrogant, overrated, retarded Chase
Sofia the First: I hate all the characters

19 The princess of barkingburg is better than princess sofia
20 Amber's a jerk in Sofia the First

So true

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