Reasons Why People Blasting Their Music in Public is Annoying

You know, I honestly think it’s annoying when people blast their music in public. Why do people do this? Here are reasons why it’s annoying when people blast their music in public.

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1 People think they look cool doing it

No, I don't want to listen to your emo rap on my way to school on the bus. - TeamRocket747

People just want to show off how cool they look, with their fancy speakers, and blast their music. Guess what? It actually doesn't really make you cool. It’s pretty annoying to some people, and if the song is cringy, it will only make your reputation worse. - RadioHead03

2 It’s loud

Ikr its to loud

Seriously, your just doing something minding your own business, and then you hear some rap song on full blast. I understand you wanna play music, but don't do it on full blast! - RadioHead03

3 People always blast their music in the worst places

People blast their music at the library, a restaurant, the mall, at school, and other places. - RadioHead03

4 Most of the music is rap and dubstep

Rap music, and Hip Hop music is good, but it’s sometimes annoying when people blast it out loud in public. And don't get me started on that dubstep crap. - RadioHead03

5 It’s distracting

If your at a library studying, or just consenting on something, you hear this music that looses your focus. - RadioHead03

6 Emos can blast their nightcore in public

Emos listen to nightcore nowadays? The music they listened to used to be decent.

Emo music and Nightcore are among the worst in my opinion. - DarkBoi-X

I hate emos and nightcore - Camaro6

Eww, I hate Nightcore! - RadioHead03

7 It makes people frustrated

There was this one time where two guys literally pushed this guy off the train because he was blasting music in public. Those 2 guys were idiots because they shouldn't harm an innocent guy. See what it causes. - RadioHead03

8 The music could have bad words in it

I don't mind bad words, but it’s a bad example when younger children are around. - RadioHead03

9 The songs can be cringy

People blast modern hip hop in my bus. We're having the same problem Cyri. - TeamRocket747

People blast modern hip-hop in the halls. I play metal before class to combat it. - Cyri

There is this one kid at my school who blasts I’m a banana on his LG phone. - RadioHead03

10 It’s not cool

It really isn't cool. - RadioHead03

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