Top 10 Reasons Why People Buy Terrible Pop/Rap Music

Here are the reasons why most people (not ALL people) buy the horrible, soulless, tasteless Pop and Rap music you hear all over the radio today.

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1 People like the artist's good looks. Not the artist's talent

Good point because I mean why would someone buy an album to LISTEN to it? That sounds ludicrous. They obviously buy it to stare at the cover. Because why would they like their VOICE. Insane. No, but seriously that's an outrageous statement and you are literally implying that while listening to music pop fans just pay attention to the person not the voice. Which is a pretty simple-minded thing to say. - RandomWeirdo

Adele is a pop singer and she gets praise over her unique singing voice instead of having a big ass. Kelly Clarkson, Tori Kelly, and Pink are others that are famous for their singing voices instead of their looks. Plus, do you really think that Lil' Wayne is attractive? People don't like music based on looks. They like it just because they like it. - DCfnaf

Adele is a pop artist, and people don't like her for her looks, in fact, she is sometimes hated for it. I am not even an Adele fan and I know this. Most rappers aren't even attractive, are Eminem and Biggie even attractive? Most people buy albums for the artist's music rather than their looks, I have observed this. - AnimeDrawer

Honestly, Adele, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran are examples of people who's talents get more praised than looks. But many of today's mainstream celebrities get famous for looks instead of talent.

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2 According to them, "popular" means "good"

I agree with this, it also means that they don't even consider listening to other genres that might actually be very good but because not a lot of people listen to them it means that they think it's not good. - DJSchollen

Honestly I love metal, well more power metal but still. I just hate pop/rap with a burning passion! Also the people that listen to that are complete empty headed morons that can't think for themselves and have the most awful taste in music EVER!

This is a very common misconception - popular doesn't mean good. Popular means music that the majority of people can understand and for that reason it is simple and easy listening. - Metal_Treasure

It does not mean good, it means it's well received by the general public for whatever reason. Seriously, how is "Shape of You" still playing on the radio? - DCfnaf

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3 Most people will listen to songs about partying, sex, and drugs because they want to do the exact same thing

The music industry has sunk this low to the point where it's just a terrible place to work at. Nobody should make stuff that encourages bad behavior in people. I don't know about you but that's just screwed up.

As much as I love pop music, too many pop songs are inappropriate, tell me one pop song that doesn't talk about partying or sex. A lot of people may hate country, but it has many great morals. You know, "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride and "You're Gonna Miss This." By Darius Rucker, those are songs that should be sung by children. Not songs like "Anaconda" and "We Can't Stop"!

"Tell me one pop song that doesn't talk about partying or sex."

Sure. I'll tell you many, actually. "Better When I'm Dancing" by Meghan Trainor. "Unbreakable Smile" by Tori Kelly. "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. "Piece by Piece" by Kelly Clarkson. DEBUNKED BABY. - DCfnaf

Ever heard of "sex, drugs, and rock & roll"? that's what rock and roll is all about, plus rocking out - RecklessGreed

Please Melanie, save the music industry right now! - ArigatoKawaii

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4 Most people think rock and metal are both satanic

I swear this whole rumor of Rock and Metal being the devil's music needs to die. I hope it does. I'm surprised that it's still going on.

Well, just like a utopia is impossible as long as humans exist, there will always be people who think that. - Metalhead1997

Regardless if both metal and rock are satanic (which they aren't) that would still give them some kind of edge. This image is used to turn people away from certain genres, as they don't want to admit to liking something the masses turn their noses up at. As such they accept what's popular and don't bother seeking out new horizons, which is a damn shame. - Mrveteran

And let me guess, rap music is not? I am near 20 and I see a ton of people nowadays listening to rap music and pretending that they are from the ghetto, act gangster and think it's cool to smoke, have sex, do drugs, etc. Honestly, no different from the stereotype people generalize about rock music.

So The Beatles are satanic? How is rap music anywhat clean?

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5 Most people listen to songs just for the decent beat while the singer is terrible

That is so me. That's the only reason I listen to Lil Wayne. I suggest going on Youtube and listening to the Instrumentals for the songs. - Popsicles

The beats are catchy...but there are pop singers that are good. What if you liked the Meghan Trainor beats...and the actual singer? GASP! - DCfnaf

To be honest, I sometimes do this with songs, but for the most part, no. I also want the singer to have a decent voice at least. - AnimeDrawer

A lot of genres have that, so I can't really make it an argument. - Swellow

6 They're simple-minded

They are the reason why we are getting dumber and our kids look like something old people would've get beaten for when they were little - SirSkeletorThe3rd

You mean the outfits that show off more skin? So you would rather censor out a human body, which we all have than have kids feel that their bodies are beautiful? Because that's what your statement is implying. - RandomWeirdo

What if there is a pop fan that also likes rock and jazz or any other genre? - AnimeDrawer

Simple minded for liking pop music? - DCfnaf

7 People will listen to whatever you give them just for the heck of it

British critic Mark Kermode wrote in his book that the problem with film is that of diminished expectations in that the bar for quality has been set so low that anything half-decent is tolerable. That can also be applied to music to. People will not actively seek out good music, and will just consume whatever crap pop music can be shoved out. - Mrveteran

And you care because? It's their life not yours. - DCfnaf


8 Most people don't know what's best for them. And by continually giving them the same stuff, they'll never know what's different so they'll just keep asking for the same stuff

The ironic part about this is that I hated all modern pop music for a long time. Listening only to rock and alternative. Then one day I was on YouTube listening to the most emotionally deep and vocally impressive performances ever. I enjoyed it more than most of the music I was currently listening to. So by now you have probably figured out I was listening to a Katy Perry performance. No? You thought it was Adele or Christina Aguleira (Pardon my spelling). So I had left my sheltered rock music haven and entered the world of pop. So I really did the opposite of what you are suggesting. - RandomWeirdo

So this list is suggesting that what's best for people is to not like the music they like and like music you think is best for them? Like you're some kind of control freak? 😒 Gimme a break. I have heard good metal music and good country music and good rap music. RandomWeirdo down here explains how he expanded his interest in music and that's great. That's what everyone should do. - DCfnaf

9 The media tells them that artists like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj are the most appropriate artists for kids

Then explain "Stupid Hoe" and "Anaconda".

Hahaaa! This is the most inappropriate thing the media told EVER! - Stoplookingatmyname

Two words: Stupid Hoe - DCfnaf

Yeah, the media needs to shut up. - DCfnaf

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10 They like it.

Everybody has an opinion

Why can't people just respect each other's opinions? Not everyone is going to like the same thing you do, so all you can do about it is get over it.

You need to get over the fact that not everyone loves rock and metal. - Popsicles

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11 They think it's the only good music out there.

So Rock and metal is bad? How about If you tell me how Is Justin Bieber, One Direction, Nicki Minaj and other pop singers are exactly good - MLPFan

Listen to Pink Floyd. - Metalhead1997

Stereotyping the fans again. I like pop music, but I also like rock, country, soul, some jazz, some funk, rock n roll, movie soundtracks, etc. - DCfnaf

The sad thing is this whole "pop v. every genre this site gets off to" argument still exist. - Swellow

12 Most people don't care for other music genres

I like metal, rock, jazz, classical, big band, folk, anime soundtracks, movie soundtracks (John Williams and Hans Zimmer mostly) and some rock and roll. Pop fans, what other genres do you like? - Metalhead1997

13 People want to be thought of as "cool"

There's other ways to do this. - Metalhead1997

If you want cool be punk its not that hard

So true, many people think that conforming to whatever is trending makes them cool so they won’t feel outcasted. Many nowadays happen to be mainstream pop and rap. This does not only apply to music, but with fashion, T.V. shows, and technology devices and we act like materialistic brats just to keep up with trends. I do not keep up with current technology devices and kept up with majority of the movieand music out today (since most of the recents have disappointed me) and I am cool with that!

14 They want to chill out and listen to something fun and simple

Doesn't really fit the tone of the list - Himalayansalt

15 They only listen to pop radio
16 They have no taste

No, they have a different taste. I like modern music, and can't stand what you pop haters listen to. But I do not criticise you, or say YOU have no taste in music. Then you call the people who like modern music "Idiots" just because of their taste in music. I shall have to report this to Admin. - Kaboom

Or maybe they have a different taste that is GASP different from your own. - DCfnaf

Or...maybe they just like the music? - DCfnaf

I like metal, rock, jazz, classical, big band, folk, country, anime soundtracks,game soundtracks, old pop(Michael Jackson), Vocaloid songs, movie soundtracks,dubstep, There's Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow song, Eminem rap songs, censored rap songs and rock and roll.
The songs I hate are pop-folk, modern pop and uncensored songs rap songs. - BorisRule

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17 They want something to dance to
18 It appeals to them
19 The songs relate to them
20 They need it for a project
21 The songs make them feel good

And whats wrong with that.

22 They don't discriminate against genres solely because of stigmas and stereotypes

That's a good thing if you don't discriminate races because all races should be treated nicely - AlphaQ

Savages added this. Thank you - DCfnaf

23 They don't care about what others think of their music
24 They like to hear the lyrics as well as the instruments
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1. They want to chill out and listen to something fun and simple
2. They need it for a project
3. They like it.
1. According to them, "popular" means "good"
2. Most people will listen to songs about partying, sex, and drugs because they want to do the exact same thing
3. They're simple-minded
1. According to them, "popular" means "good"
2. Most people think rock and metal are both satanic
3. Most people listen to songs just for the decent beat while the singer is terrible

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