Top 10 Reasons Why People Don't Commit Suicide


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1 Because They Don't Know How

Yeah, if you fail you might end up with brain damage

Its true. I don't know how to kill myself properly. It doesn’t work

2 Because They Are Happy With Their Life
3 Because Somebody Sent a Threat to Kill Them if They Did Commit Suicide

That's ironic. Because if they committed suicide they would already be dead. You only die twice? I dunno. - RiverClanRocks

If they fell for that than they are stupid buttholes

4 Because They Don't Want to
5 Because it is Hard to

Mentally it is hard but physicallly it is hard to. Seriously tried 7 times every time unsuccessful and catastrofic unfortunatly

Harder than you think with that darn self preservation instinct. Get past that and... Then the angels. And your sister with gut feelings... shesh. Mom moved the gun somewhere else. F’n cop neighbor breaks in to save you after stockpiling all your pills for months and eating them quietly. Calls medic. Euthanasia should be available to stop needless suffering. Stray animals get it why not humans with severe suicide ideation lasting over 2 decades?

6 Because They Don't Want to Hurt Their Loved Ones
7 Because It Is a A Serious Sin

That's a terrible reason - ParasN2000

So commiting suicide isn't a sin?


I’m baptized and I wanna go to heaven but I would go to hell instead

8 Because They Could Listen to Some Brutal Metal Songs to Let Out Their Anger

Not really, having anger raise the suicidal attempt to some people

Can confirm

9 Because They Fear Death

Who doesn't fear death

I don't fear death

10 Because They Are Famous

Well, many famous people have commited suicide. - micahisthebest

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11 Because They Don't Want to Rot in the Ground
12 Because They Feel Bad Doing So
13 Because They're Stupid

So stupid

14 Because It May Fail
15 Because They Are Rich

Not all average and poor people commit suicide.

16 Because they want to see where life takes them
17 It's a Sin

Christians believe that you can end up in Hell for committing suicide.

How is it a sin though

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1. Because They Don't Know How
2. Because They Are Happy With Their Life
3. Because Somebody Sent a Threat to Kill Them if They Did Commit Suicide


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