Top Ten Reasons Why People Don't Fasten Their Safety Seat Belt

Many people tend to neglect fastening their safety seat belts. I've heard many reasons, but these were the most frequented. We finally can know why we tend to ignore the use of this safety measure!

The Top Ten

1 They feel physically uncomfortable

This... And I also forget to... - Minecraftcrazy530

2 They don't want to restrict their movement
3 They don't want their clothes to get wrinkled
4 They are Claustrophobic
5 They like disobeying the rules
6 They feel nerdy by doing so
7 To make other people fear them and avoid them
8 It ruins their look and style
9 It's an unnecessary measure
10 It could kill you rather than save you

If someone was attacking you inside your car and your seatbelt got stuck or something, you would surely be killed. Also, how are you possibly going to fly out of a window if there's a seat in front of you? It makes no sense. It's only necessary if you're sitting in the front.

The Contenders

11 They're too lazy to do it
12 It emphasizes their bellies and extra skin
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