Top 10 Reasons Why People Don't Like Obama

The Top Ten

1 He is Black

Admit it, this is the sole reason why you don't like Obama, even though he is technically half Black and half White. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

A pile of horsecr*p. People don't like the fact that he is an extreme left-leaning liberal. It's very convenient for the left to ignore his critics by simply claiming racism. Totally false.

Racist. - RadioHead03

The people that voted for him didn't mind that he is black.

2 They Don't Like His Healthcare Plan

You either like it or you don't. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

Reasonable - iliekpiez

3 They Blame Obama for "Black Crimes"

2Pac once said something along the lines of, "I am not responsible for the actions of all Black people." - RichHomelessGreedyMan

Not really - iliekpiez

4 Obama is Friendly Towards China and Other Countries

Unlike Trump, Obama did not want to start a trade war" - RichHomelessGreedyMan

5 They Don't Like the "Hussein" in His Name

Most people do not know his middle name - iliekpiez

Judge someone by their name, complete ignorance. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

6 His Supporters Brag About Him in Your Face

Obama is the president, in yo face sucka! " - RichHomelessGreedyMan

7 He Admits that America Has Done Some Wrong and is Not Perfect

Obama regretted the downfall of Libya after Gaddafi's death and America causing it, as well as the fact that Americans torture people to get answers" - RichHomelessGreedyMan

8 You Can't Be Openly Racist Under His Term

You are afraid of expressing your true racism under Obama, but since Trump is in office you gladly and safety feel that you can be as racist as you want" - RichHomelessGreedyMan

9 They Expected Change to Happen Within a Day

Change takes time and years from now you will see Obama's change. Obama had to deal with the leftover stuff that Bush left behind" - RichHomelessGreedyMan

10 They Dedicated Themselves a Republican for Life

It is what it is, your mind can't change and have dedicated yourself to your group of ideas." - RichHomelessGreedyMan

The Contenders

11 His "Iran Nuclear Deal" Was Possibly the Worst Thing Ever for Long Term World Peace and Stability

Some short term advantages, but disastrous over the long haul.

12 He is an establishment politician
13 His Presidency Made Gay Marriage Legal

That was mainly the supreme court's decision but Obama supported it a lot too though. - B1ueNew

14 His Supporters Accuse People Who Don't Like Him of Being Racist
15 He is a neoliberal
16 He isn't progressive enough
17 He prosecuted whistleblowers
18 He supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership
19 He didn't punish corrupt bankers
20 He deported more than 2 million people
21 His Terrible Economic Policy

He has done a great job in plunging us into more debt

22 Unemployment Rates Increased During His Presidency

Thanks in part for his "excellent" economy policy

23 He Supported Abortion
24 He Opposed Death Penalty

Think about it, if rapists & pedophiles are let go after serving jail time, they are going to commit these crimes again.

25 He didn't do enough for the country
26 He cracks jokes during serious times
27 He claims that drug dealers deserve prison time but they don't deserve 20+ years because it is too excessive
28 He is cool with the Clintons
29 He was born in Hawaii and not in Mainland America
30 He gave human rights to gay people
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