Top Ten Reasons Why People Hate Dan Schneider

Most things are opinions by other people
around the internet I found.

The Top Ten

1 Some think he's a creep

I read many things about people writing stuff like a day when he paid an actress money so he can smell her feet - UniqueUser

2 The foot scenes in his shows

There are many weird foot scenes when characters of his shows show their feet. - UniqueUser

3 His newer shows are bad

Game Shakers & Henry Danger are disliked but shows like Drake and Josh or the Amanda show are liked more. - UniqueUser

4 All he does are bad sitcoms now

There's nothing funny about them or new. - UniqueUser

5 He hugs lots of his young actors
6 Some of his shows are rip offs of other shows.
7 There's always a stupid character in his shows

There are stupid characters in every show - billyungerforever

8 There's always a weird character in his shows
9 Sometimes it makes you feel uncomfortable to watch his shows

Especially when they have abusive and unlikable characters (Megan from Drake and Josh, Sam from iCarly, and Jade from Victorious). - Aragorn98

10 His newer shows trying to be cool but they're just awkward

The Contenders

11 He makes awful shows

All his shows are awful. I don't get what people see in them. - Aragorn98

Yeah, like Disney Channel is any better? lol - ACKREIK

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