Top Ten Reasons Why People Hate Math

Top reasons why people hate math, vote on which one you find the most true

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1 It's difficult

It is really difficult, esp in Grade 6 ( What I think).

I don't hate math

i agree - Zephplays

The most obvious reason.

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2 People choose to hate it

Right I chose to hate something that I still have to count with my fingers like a little kid for a sum adding, subtraction, times table, division. I can't count in my head. Sometimes I make mistakes counting, in the past I had cringy things like forgetting what two plus two was and forgetting the two times table.
I chose to hate it but I was in the lowest level in secondary school in maths.

People have special needs in math. I always have. Its just a disability.

If people tried to like it, it might not be so bad - TheHabsFan

3 People get mad at the way people teach it

Sometimes a teacher keeps on talking and talking and he/she doesn't even ask the students any questions to know if they truly understood or no. Like, imagine sitting in a math class and the teacher is talking about a new math topic but he/she doesn't ask you any question they just keep on acting like a talking machine. This is why people get mad at the way teachers teach it!

The way its taught does not make anyone get an A+
It makes you forget that people have learning disabilities you just want to ignore that because you say "Oh without it we would have no electricity, computers, games, mobile phones and medicine."
You mentally abuse people who struggle with it.

The way people teach it to you makes it easier, not harder - TheHabsFan

4 Lots of it we never use in life

Most people never use algebra in real life, but it's a good thing to know about - TheHabsFan

5 People find it unhelpful and boring

Lots of people never end up using lots of the math.
People that aren't interested in easily founding out equations on earth, will find it boring - TheHabsFan

6 People think that you should just use a calculator rather than your brain

Got a disability no it does not mean you are in a wheelchair.
Does that mean the disability mean you could have a bad attention span.
Possibly why we use the calculator rather than our brain.

People say "why do I have to learn math? I could just use a calculator."
Lot of the time you won't have a calculator on you, and your brain is just a way better tool than a calculator - TheHabsFan

7 People would rather do what they want

Nowadays people just want to do what they want, that's not what life is - TheHabsFan

8 Lots of math you aren't allowed to use a calculator

People love using calculators, it makes it go by faster. - TheHabsFan

9 It can be repetitive

I'm doing algebra right now, and it can be very repetitive at times - TheHabsFan

10 It has lots of rules

Quite a few rule, lots of them I don't use (I find my own ways to do the problems sometimes) - TheHabsFan

The Contenders

11 It’s boring
12 You have dyscalculia

It's like dyslexia but the mathematical one.

13 Why should I care about X and Y

Why are we constantly chasing this X person here? I don’t like my X. You want me to solve for X. Who cares what X is? I don’t want to know what X is. Can I just go about my business here? We’re constantly trying to solve these problems, right?

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1. People choose to hate it
2. It's difficult
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