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1 Too much homework

So in fifth grade, we only had like one teacher that barely gave homework. It's sixth grade and you have 2 teachers plus the stupid Spanish teacher. On the first day of school, the teacher of English gave a bookshelf full of homework. And heres the thing the important homework, she never checks, but the unimportant she does. Everyone feels like they have no life because she assigns like a bookshelf everyday plus the annoying projects.

Do the research! I didn't believe it at first, but I was given a (ironically) a homework assignment to debate whether or not homework was truly beneficial, and there is staggering amounts of evidence that says there is too much homework in school these days, and that there are few to none benefits at all. - keycha1n

Research? Homework is surely more beneficial than social networks which kids find as an alternative to outdoor sports these days. - yatharthb

Because of this, I end up either going to bed late, miss my shows, don't have free time, or not finishing it and get a bad grade. I just hate it!

I agree! I went to a bilingual school as an elementary schooler, so I had two teachers who didn’t give too much homework, and back then I was a smart kid and I would do it. Now we have seven teachers, and the only class you don’t get homework from everyday is PE. It puts too much pressure on us and it’s hard to complete 2-3 hours of pointless assignments on our time away from school. Not to mention, if you get full credit on something, your grade goes up by like one percent and if you fail it, you drop at least one letter grade! Thankfully I’m in 8th grade and I won’t have to deal with this in about 8 months. A lot of people have told me that high school is better, and the one I’m trying to go to is one of the best in my country so I hope that’s true.

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2 Everyone turns into a jerk

I can't say that it was necessarily bad in the beginning, since everyone in sixth grade and the first half of seventh grade didn't seem to really be bothered by me. In a way, I feel like this made everything worse, since I wasn't expecting everyone in my world to wake up one morning and decide, "Well, since I'm too pathetic to handle my own hormones, I think I'm just going to make someone who isn't going through my same problem miserable for no reason at all". Not to say that my life was one hundred percent perfect before they decided to gang up on me. I was already having trouble with my family, but I guess whatever problems I had didn't seem to matter whatsoever. I don't even think I had any friends during that time, since anyone who was considered a 'friend' seemed to always want to take everything out on me, and then blame me for our dysfunctional relationship. I am just so glad that all of this is over now. To those of you eighth graders who are experiencing a similar ...more

Are the middle school students really THAT mean? I just graduated elementary and currently on summer break, so I don't know what goes on in middle school. Some people (like my brother) said that it's gonna be the worst years of my life, but some people say that they enjoyed it, and that just confuses me. I guess I'll have to go see for myself when summer break ends.

Get ready for a living hell. Don't sit I the back of the bus, trust me. - Juan-Luis

Not even kidding, there is one girl in my grade and she used to be my friend and now she thinks shes better than everyone else and shes like-"I'm awesome you suck, I'm cute your ugly, I'm popular your stupid" NO ONE CARES JUST BE QUIET

Me: trying not to be infected by Jerkisis.
Many Others: Infected byt Jerkisis
Adults: All teenagers are mean
Me: I hate stereotypes.

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3 A really bad lunch

The food is actually a lot better than it was in elementary school. Plus there's a snack bar and desserts, and a variety of drinks! Plus it's cheap, how could you go wrong?

Umm, are lunch tastes awesome. It's basically like a food court. And that means pizza everyday!

Thank the lord we don't live in the movie high schools, be grateful. - DapperPickle

$5 dollars for small chips. Yeah.

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4 Suddenly everything you do matters

In elementary school no one cared if you got a bad grade, and the teacher would actually help you. Now in middle school if you get anything lower than a B, people think you're a retard. Teachers don't help and just let you fail, plus I think the only reason for the honor roll is to embarrass kids, it makes you feel dumb and grades aren't even anything to show how smart you are! So stop thinking I'm an idiot because I got a C and help me!

Elementry School- bad score on a test? No problem you will just take the same damn test next week but in a different variation eitgir way it was going to be easy

Middle School- bad test score? Screw life it is already over

I've never worried about grades much ever.. all we discussed in conferences was my behavior and a short 'oh yeah they're getting good grades'. Now, I know what it's like to be stressed..

Ikr its frigging annoying

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5 Strict teachers

There are a lot of those at my school. There's this one teacher that I extremely hate because she very strict. One time I was hanging out with 2 other friends and she told us not to hang out with each other. I KNOW RIGHT! that's STUPIDO, another time we were singing the national anthem. On the second verse I decided to make up my own lyrics. Then straight after that the same teacher told us off for not singing and told us " ILL MAKE YOU SING IT EVERYDAY", Finally my friend felt sick and that same teacher won't let her out of school, even though she nearly fainted

Some teachers are racist I put this to god, some teachers be racist. Some of them hate kids too

My history teacher started out strict but every day he starts turning less strict and less strict. - cosmo

My social studies teacher will ask you to go get a tardy pass if you’re half a second late.

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6 Some friends turn into enemies

It's so annoying. I had three best friends. All of them (even though we were so close and I showed loyalty) they are left me. Betrayed me. They left me to become a social outcast. I mean, how can you just lose interest in a friendship? They just left me,never played or talked to me at school. I never even fought with them. Here's a funny thing. I had some side friends but all of them had best friends that they much rather hang out with. I became friends with a new girl and she was clingy, which I like. That means she wanted extremely for me to be her friend. But my ex best friend (who has been my friend since kindergarten) asked my new friend to come with her and sit with her at lunch. I got so pissed when my new friend started talking and hanging out with my ex friend and left me to be alone. Everyone is just the same, right? Or at least in my class.

When I started school I had this fantastic friend and we did everything together. Then in 2 grade he just suddenly turned into a complete jerk because I started to learn more. He became friends with the bullies till the end of 4th grade. That's when I met 2 people I never thought I could be friends with. One was a loner and the other a boy who only started school last year. We had a great time. Always hanging out and having fun. Till 5th grade where my ex-friend, became friends with my friends, I have him a chance to be in our group. But after a few months he kept harassing me and making my life a joke

I was BFFs with a girl in 4th grade. And then LEFT ME! I mean, WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THAT?! She went for some bossy girl instead. And plus, she BULLIES ME! She and her "friend" give me the EVIL EYE during class. And my ex-BFF does not want me to make new friends. If she looks at me talking to a new girl, she gets jealous and tells the new girl lies about me. She treats me like dirt and I have NO friends now. I hope you are happy, Ex- friend! I HOPE YOU GET EXPELLED!

In 6th grade I made a huge group of friends who were always there for me, but out of nowhere left me in 7th grade because I wasn't "cool" enough. 8th grade just got worse, as everyone in my grade just harassed me, and I started to act in ways I wish I didn't. I even attempted suicide one night. Luckily, I began talking with the 7th graders, and they were a lot more welcoming.
I'll say, high school is somehow easier on me, academically, and socially. Never thought it'd be, but it is. - naFrovivuS

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7 No more recess

Thanks a lot dumb middle school!

Not true. I have fifteen minutes between second and third period, and a whole hour for lunch between fourth and fifth. I'm in eighth grade and I find it perfectly suitable.

Bah! You get used to it so don't listen to the other people who put comments for this

So true in my school, their is no recess and we're not allowed to use phones. what like WE'RE STILL KIDS LET US ENJOY OURSELVES!

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8 Cliques

I didn't get any of my previous friends in my third-grade class, so I made friends with three other girls. We were really good friends, but in fourth-grade I learned the truth; the second they weren't in the same class as me, they all ditched me for their own friends. They didn't try to keep in touch with me, or talk to me in recess or gym (my school puts three/two classes in the same grade together), and every time I saw them in Chorus or Orchestra, only one of them would actually talk to me and be my partner. One moved away, but when she came back, she didn't even look at me, let alone talk to me. The truth is, I was only their friend because their friends were in different classes. I mean, they were good friends, but they didn't ever so speak to me after third-grade, like they never knew me. I tried to talk to them, but they just said "Hi" like I was a complete stranger dressed like Dumbledore. Loosing friends is sad, but the bright side is that my old friend and a new friend were ...more

As a person who suffers from autism, I'm really worried about middle school next year and dealing with cliques. What if I miraculously make a friend, but then that friend ditches me for some group of socially well-liked students? I really doubt I'm ever going to be able to keep any friends until college, at least. - RockFashionista

The popular cliques are annoying. All they talk about is stupid stuff like what they are gonna eat for dinner on Sunday. - cosmo

I used to go to a k-7 elementary, so when grade 8 happened, I moved and was in my final year of middle school, which was so unfamiliar to me. Literally everyone is so cliquish and its actually disheartening. I ended up just focusing on my time on schoolwork. But karma's a b**** and I graduated on the honour roll and got into a pre-ib school. I wish I had friends though, it would have made my days way better...

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9 Bullying

My best friend suffered from extreme bullying last year. And it was all because she was standing up for her friend. Everyday I feel so bad for her. That she had to go through all of that is horrifying. But they left her alone and I'm helping her recover from her shaken up experience.

Wow.I'm going to start middle school soon.I better get prepared for this - MLPFan

Why isn't this # 1?!

Middle schoolers: Me smart, I am’t dumb

Me: Uhh... you sound a little weird.

Middle schoolers: he’s a weirdo we will never like him!

Me: Now I’m Infamous : Third life... great

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10 Less minimum days

Wait what does that mean

Actually I always have modified days every Wednsday and I'm in middle school - Milkshake

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11 You have to work with people you don't like or know

Like fr some people have anxiety and some teachers be forcing them to work with people they don't know, like people with social anxiety they can get too nervous with people they don't know

No, I don't wanna work with my ex, thank you. - Pegasister12

Yes there is this one girl in my class she sits in front of me and she has told all the other girls at my table (who used to be really nice) to be mean to me and I have to deal with this till who knows when

In my 7th grade history, I was working in a group of 4, consisting of a normal girl, a killjoy, and an emo d! ckwad. Mr. Killjoy resented everything I said, even asking simple questions like "What foods did they grow? " Emo D! ckwad refused to try and tolerate me, and out of nowhere said "Screw you" for no particular reason. Normal Girl just didn't do much, so I couldn't complain. - naFrovivuS

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12 Popular girls get way more snobby

In elementary school, being popular was way easier. All you had to do (at least in my school) was be yourself. There was this one girl who was a tomboy, but she was super super popular because of the fact that she did not hide her true colors. I was sort of popular-ish, because of my kind personality.

*wall of text incoming*

And then middle school. How come I JUST STARTED MIDDLE SCHOOL IN AUGUST and I am already seeing this? In my middle school, all you have to do is be pretty. No one cares if you act like a douche bag or not. I remember asking my friend how to be popular at my school, because she knows some of the popular kids, and she just said, "You have to be pretty, skinny, and curse a lot." She is literally the only nice popular kid at my school. All the popular kids are complete bullies, and they're not even funny. I am an OUTCAST this year just because I don't curse, and I'm not pretty or skinny. I'm nice, and that's really all that matters. Hell, my ...more - Absolite

I agree. There's this one really snobby (or as I like to call her, nobby) girl, who I used to have to sit next to in geography. And she was just like "I CAN'T SIT NEXT TO HIM". Luckily the teacher realised his mistake and changed the seating plan and now I sit next to my crush.

I'm not going against this, but not all the popular girls are TERRIBLE. I'll start with the bad. They gossip, exclude people, and just make people FEAR them, because they have a higher "status". But not all of them are bad. Two or three are actually my friends. Sort of.

They used to be nice in elementary school, but now they curse, yell, and bully the 6th graders. - Popsicles

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13 Mondays

Lol, don't even need to explain it.

I hate it I cry everyday I have to go I just want to go home

No explanation needed.

14 Too many school projects

They waste your time. You can prepare for exams other than doing projects. - Animefan12

In one of classes we never actually learned anything. The teacher just gave us instructions to follow for a different project every week.

In social studies I have this teacher that right after you have another with NO break time.

My English teacher gave us a reading project then gave us a seven part project on the book, then se tells us "i'm gonna give you guys a break" and then next week she gives us another project. It is so annoying like we have stuff to do

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15 The lockers

Having a hard time opening them.

Luckily, the staff opened it for me so I can open it easily ;).-Vestalis

16 Everyone becomes more judgmental

They really do. Suddenly everything you do matters. If you aren't friends with the "popular" people, you're considered an outcast. And you talk to ONE boy and suddenly everyone thinks you like him. You have to be careful of your every move because your scared what someone else will think. Your basically LIVING for SOMEONE ELSE.

If I wore the same shirt that I did the week before, at least one person would say "oh my god you wore that shirt last week! " And I'm just like oh sorry I forgot that I hate an endless closet full of clothes...

It's so frustrating seeing people judge everyone for everything they do.

YES, jesus, its like they take the nice elements school kids, throw them in a hormone pit for 3 years, then take the survivors to high school so they can be straight up suicidal, and even though this is happening to everyone people still have time to fit in "Nice buck-teeth assh at"

17 Test and quizzes

Especially when you get competitive with people who used to be your friends

Uggg cramming never works, the shame

C= No dinner
D= don't go home
F=Find another family

18 Cafeteria food
19 Backstabbers

They always try to take advantage of you as a friend, then backstab you. - ethanmeinster

No one said it to me but it felt like that

20 You start to understand reality more

You finally start to understand the real world. Not everyone is who they seem to be. They can smile and laugh with you one day, and the next they're the one who started the awful rumor about you. I thought the world was a happy place before Middle School, but I obviously was wrong. The reality is honestly you can't trust anyone. The real world is an horrible place. Now you know what REALLY to expect in the future.

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