Top Ten Reasons Why People Hate Middle School


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21 Bitchy girls

There just mean that's all

22 Social hierarchies

They all begin in middle school, and it was a frustrating time. - Turkeyasylum

23 Detentions
24 Everyone becomes promiscuous

And now the teachers are pedophiles! in my pe class, the teacher always picks the promiscuous girl with short shorts etc

25 Starting to understand the real world

I find this a good thing

26 Gross bathrooms

Good Lord! Sometimes I question if the bathroom in my middle school had ever been cleaned before! The least they could do is put in an air freshener.

Some disgusting kid stuck a USED pad on the mirror in the girls room. Everyone freaked out, it was nasty.

There is always pee all over the floor in the girls bathrooms! It's a middle school, why isn't everyone potty trained yet?! - Popsicles

God, someone one took a number 2 on the floor because he was thought he was funny! God that's disgusting
! I hate Loranger Middle School.

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27 Having to get up early

It was hard to wake up every morning

28 Favoritism Among Teachers

OH. MY. GOD. My career teacher in 9th grade would treat a girl in my class better than everyone else in the entire school. She'd let her talk with friends during class, let her go on her phone, you name it. Would she let me do those things? NOPE! - railfan99

29 Mean teachers

My teachers are downright rude to me. I hope their lives crash and they end up in a car accident.

Don't let go to the bathroom

Mine were Miss Dunham, Mrs. Neese, and Mr. Day

30 Drama

RIGHT! Its like fake relationships

Middle school relationships are full of drama, like seriously wait till high school yungins

31 Good kids starting becoming bad
32 Everyone has a phone

The whole 6th grade was at an assembly, and our principal asked, "How many of you have a phone? " And pretty much everyone raised their hand. Except me.

My parents don't get me a phone but suddenly EVERYONE has one?! I get made fun of cause I don't have instagram and snapchat and all the "in" things, it's so annoying. and our teacher when we are taking a math test on quadratic functions and square roots (where we get to use calculators) ASSUMES everyone has a phone and when I ask her if I can borrow her calculator she says "What about your phone? use that instead! " it makes me angry!

33 Disgusting bathrooms
34 Understanding more of the real world
35 Getting held back is easier
36 No school trips

We had one trip, we got to walk downtown and see a movie. It was pretty fun, better than all the boring museums we went to in 5th grade. - Popsicles

I got trips in middle school. They were actually more fun.

37 Being Around Ignorant/Insolent People

Why is this not at least in the 10th place!? Everyone I go to school with has the IQ of a peanut.

38 Populars saying that you have no friends
39 Gym Class

You walked to the gym, and have to change in front of 29 other people within 5 minutes minus the time it took you to walk there and then the people torment you, and if you are anything like me, you can't change in stalls, and the older class men called you, then you work out, stretch, run a mile, do some test play a game then get dressed again or for boys Thursday and Tuesday, put on swimming trunks and jump in the pool, or get an F. This class will lower your energy, self-esteem, and how much you care.

40 No more fun or play time

One of the reasons why I Hated Middle School or Secondary. There is no more playground/ Jungle Gym at the school (Never mind there is another park around the corner.)

And I can't stand it when friends stop playing with you and call you Childish or Baby. Bro, chill, I just like having a good time. What is wrong with that?

I feel your pain, dude. That is what happened to me.

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