Reasons Why People Hate PE Classes

The Top Ten Reasons Why People Hate PE Classes

They Expect You to Enjoy It

I don't like Math. That was fine. I also don't like PE. Some how It I was like a alien to them. Their minds went boggles - Jake09

They take the idea of having fun and playing games and burning extra energy, then screw it up with ugly uniforms and awkward people/ not athletic people getting bullied and great job you messed it up.

My coaches literally forced us to run multiple laps and expected us to "enjoy it". I hated it because my physical ability is horrible, and they literally do nothing to help me besides "encouragement", which I find to only make things worse.

My exact words on one of my lists! Except the maths part. - PositronWildhawk

People Can Make Fun of You If You Are Not Athletic

I have social anxiety. I don't hate PE because I'm "lazy" or can't be bothered to keep fit. I like doing exercise-but not in front of people. Team sports are a nightmare, and doing running races is horrific. I'm sure people think stupid, and find it funny that I came last in that 100m race, or that I missed that basket in basketball. We only do about 15 minutes of actual exercise maximum-it's a waste of time that I could be using for an extra hour to study. I'm a pretty academic student, but I'm guilty of skipping PE class-and it's not the same as other classes. Yes, you can't just not do maths if you can't do it-but if you mess up in maths, the whole class doesn't know. If you mess up in PE everyone can see.

It's much the reason I've gained social anxiety. I get grouped up with a bunch of athletic guys (because they thought "hey! we should split up girls and guys! ") and whenever I couldn't do something right they would laugh at me despite knowing that I've NEVER played a single sport before. Soon as the year progressed, whenever I heard "Okay lets get into groups" my mind would change it to "okay lets find a group that this kid could disappoint"

Every time I did something wrong while I am trying to be athletic, the PE teacher stops everyone what they are doing and shows what I did and I got so embarrassed I wanted to cry.

I used to get insulted pretty badly in secondary school because I'm not good at sports. They would all complain and moan at me and call me names if I couldn't do something right and I was just standing there like: "Do you think I'm being bad at this on purpose? "
It completely ruined my self esteem. Come to think of it, I should have just skived - I'd have been so much happier being in detention rather than in PE for 2-3 hours a week. This is why I get annoyed when people say that girls don't like PE because they don't want to mess their hair up...they couldn't be any more wrong.


Anytime I play anything (football, handball, volleyball, basketball) I hurt my arms, hands or fingers. It's not like I don't enjoy the games, I'm just scared I'll damage myself at some point.

What's worse is when your faking it like this : Oh I'm hurt. No I never get hurt. I was just running around for 3 quarters with Red Frosting on my tongue. - Jake09

I got smacked in the face with a ball a few times, sprained my pinky in 7th grade, and saw a kid bleed after he fell from a rock climbing wall (my middle school had a rock climbing wall in the gym)

Once some dumb kids hit a basketball ball on my hand and I almost got it twisted. Nope, pull up your hand and throw that orange into a glorified laundry basket.

Doing it outside when it's extremely cold

Yeah, but what about doing it outside, when it's boiling hot! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

I live in the desert so we go out in 103 F weather and run a mile, play basketball. I'm fine going out when it's winter and 37f degrees out. Just NOT THE SUN!

It's Just Kicking a Ball Into a Net

This list is excellent and needs more appreciation, I hate PE with a passion and every reason here is a valid reason to hate it. - HollyRolo

Why that would be stupid to do in school - Jake09

Not all sports are like that, you know. Though I don't really care for PE, I don't hate it.

Oh I'm stupid I like kicking balls into nets. - Jake09

It Robs Your Identity

Many kids (Including me) aren't very athletic, I box but its different and so I get bullied for not being able to participate.

Yep We all know this - Jake09

As a band kid I completely agree with this! - Ender_

I love music art etc. but I suck at sports and I HAVE to do it every week. I never get to show off what I LOVE doing

You Have to Do It

Whoever made this a required class is an idiot. I have never felt some much hatred for someone I have never met.

I would say it would be fine if you had to do it for KS3 only but once you start studying for your GSCEs it should no longer become a required subject as you could be in other lessons studying so that you can do better

Exactly! exactly! We're being taught things we never use in life. What I'm doing never involved what they forced me to learn. Want to know more? Look up Don't Stay In School.

OK I hate when it doesn't teach me anything and I need to do this. - Jake09

If Your Late They Get Mad and Plays 20 Questions With You

OK I'm late and I'm playing this - Jake09

My P.E coach is strict and mean

Activities the Teachers Make Up.

In high school once we had to do workout VHS videos from the 1980s

It's Tiring

I hate PE it is tiring and it's too hard. I hate sport and exercise. But I wouldn't mind wrestling but of course they don't tea us that! Like all we do in the lesson is stand there and get shouted at for not getting chance quickly enough. Like when we do push ups in have to sit out because I'm to weak to do one. I also have to sit out with weights because I can't lift any of them.

Yes Yes I don't need to talk about this - Jake09

Yeah because I'm not that strong, it's hard for me to do push ups. Running can tire you out, but not as much.

Why does this exist?

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Loud Mean Coaches

This is true. Plus most of them look like they haven't exercised a day in their life.

In a game of dodgeball one of the teachers threw the ball so hard at me I had to sit out. Why should teachers be allowed to throw balls at students, it's not even a fair match-up.

They just love to embarrass you

WOAH! Your coach threw a ball at you!? I would tell the school, man.

Expecting Us to Put Effort Into Something Which We Only Go to Because We Have To, Not Because We Want To.

My school is full of rich kids, so they charge money for pe classes here. I come from a poor family and I don't even want to do pe. This is ridiculous.

It Doesn't Teach You Anything

Then why are we doing it if it doesn't teach you anything. - Jake09

It gives us exercise and helps us stay active and fit.

Coaches Favor the Athletic Kids

"(My name) don't do it like that!, Take a look at what (egotistic sporty kid) is doing!, Your head of year will know about your laziness! "
Well, actually I'm trying as hard as I can but when the other students make fun of your lack of skill and strength and you think your PE teacher will support you but OH NO, the teacher just happily joints in attacking your EVERY MOVE! Tell you what, the reason I never have the ball is because NO ONE EVER PASSES TO ME BECAUSE THEY ALL HATE ME. Maybe, just maybe Sir, not everyone Is born to be a sporting superstar!. Maybe my gift is academic subjects not running across a field!. And how, after running across a field, is motivation supposed to be offered by telling the world that I should put in more effort and you'll be watching me close next time! WELL JUST BECAUSE I AM OBLIGED TO DO THIS AWFUL SUBJECT DOSN'T MEAN I HAVE TO BE GOOD AT IT. DID BILL GATES BECOME THE WORLDS RICHEST PERSON BY BEING GOOD AT PE- ARGGGH!

Yes, the athletic kids may be better, but I don't recall any other subject where the kids who were the best were put on the same level as the teachers when it came to choosing or rejecting people, and allowed to insult the less capable. For that matter, PE was the only subject where the teachers were allowed to unleash a stream of abuse at the less athletic that would have seen a teacher in any other department fired.

Back when I had pe they would pick a lot of athletic kids to play and not many non athletic kids got picked.#me though I liked it. But not pe I. I hated pe. And loved art.

Because the athletic kids are better at it, maybe?
That's like saying math teachers favor kids who are good at math. So unfair, right?

Coaches Going In Locker Rooms

It feel loud whe I have to go swimming in pe I'm in parklands college

Defaq does this ever happen?

My P.E. teachers office is in the locker rooms and I don’t see a problem - ZeRater

Are they gay
Why do they want to see us in undies

The Ball Flying Into Your Face

It hurts so much! I had to go to the bathroom 10 times

I have glasses and this happened to me several times. I was lucky that my glasses didn't shatter.

I got hit in the head with a volleyball. My team all just laughed and didn’t care. - sadical

Like I can't

Fat Kids Get Laughed At

Ehh... Well at our school nobody gets laughed at...

It's Dull and Boring

The teachers come up with stupid games that suck like nobody wants to play "football" or whatever

I don't like it because I can't do pushups and I'm a weak person.

The teachers should make it more interesting. Most of the things they come up with aren't fun. Some of the most boring activitys out of the whole class we play all week. The fun ones like dodgeball we barely do.

Yep This is the whole thing - Jake09

Getting Picked Last

I am usually picked last since not many sports are in my strong suit. Volleyball is just an embarrassment. and basketball is so very uncomfortable. And watch out when someone actually plays the sport for real on a team, they suddenly think they can boss everyone around. It's just a joke, but they've got to make sure we are getting some sort of exercise. If I ran the schools, I would just cut out a time once or twice a week where everyone goes on a leisurely stroll for a a mile or two.


I always get picked last,and the people in team that gets me is like so MEAN! but I can’t ve mad at them because I am so weak,can’t catch the ball or throw the ball :(( I hope this will end soon :((

Getting Graded on Running

I'm not sure if anybody else went through this... but my old gym teacher used to make us run around the track in three minutes. If you did not make it in three minutes, you immediately got a lower grade. And we had to do this four other times, so you can imagine we will get tired halfway there. It's not really fair in my opinion. Some people (like me) aren't good at running or have health issues (bad asthma) that causes us to slow down.

Having to Get Changed

This is kind of weird. At are school we can change in the bathroom stales. Which I normally do but you have to deal with all the girls that are like why don't you just change in here. Then all eyes are on you and it's really awkward like because I just don't want to. But I rather this then being in my stinky clothes all day.

You want to walk around in your sweat-saturated clothes all day, smelling like a garbage can? Fine by me. Not fine by anyone who has to sit next to you, or walk past you in the hallway.

While this is indeed awkward, I don't think it's the worst thing. I just hated playing games that were stupid and no where near relevant to anything. - dureckl

Yeah, the last thing I wanna see in the corner of my eye is a guy in his underpants, no matter their body shape. It's just one step away from seeing their "salami and walnuts! " >-<

The Mile Run

Every Thursday, my P.E. teacher had a thing called "Run Day Fun Day" where guess what we did the whole period? Run. And ohoHOHOHO. Let me tell you, I would prefer to do the mile run over what he made us do. Our school is located on top of a hill, and guess what we had to do? Go to the very bottom of the hill and then run all the way up without stopping, if you did stop, you had to go all the way back to the bottom and run it all over again. We had to run that hill at least 6 times before the period ended. Then there was the Stadium Loop. This is where we had to run the bleachers out on the football field, go up the hill once, go back to the football field, run one lap around the track, run the hill one more time, and then take a cool down lap. Whenever we had to run the mile, we thanked whatever God was with us that day for not making suffer. The only upside to all that running, is that my calves now look amazing! - Supernatural

I was gonna die halfway. It was terrible. Why can't the fat PE teachers run with us!

In Ontario We have the 12 minute run, where they make you sprint for 12 minutes without stopping. - KILTAH

We have to run up stairs and down stairs through are run.

It Has Sports

Most of us hate sports so we are out - Jake09

Having to Take Showers

This is a HUGEMUNGOUS! issue for awkward adolescents and even for the non-awkward too having to get naked for some is just plane awkward.

It's the only thing I don't like about p.e. - SirSheep

Being With Snobby Teenagers
It Messes Up Your Hair

I'm a guy and super worried about my hair (Medium length) I know It already looks god awful all the time, but when it gets messed up from what I deem "Decent enough to make it through the day", It's awful

Oh, so today your hair's looking great? TOO BAD. Today you have P.E and now your hair will look frizzy and sweaty.

Getting Judged

For teams you get judged mostly based on how atlethic you are. Like for example a guy chooses a fast girl for a game of tennis, the girl can't even play tennis but the guy just chooses anyway because the girl is still fast and everyone thinks fast people are the best people to choose. PEOPLE JUDGE YOU BASED ON YOUR APPERANCES and YOUR SIZE

People constantly demean me for not being good at sports, despite never training, and still being average in most sports, only because A. people don't like me in general, as everyone else is a chav, and I'm not and B. I previously haven't been good at sports, even though they've seen me get better at it. they constantly find excuses to make fun of me, like when I got "megs" or whatever it is, even though I went in over the ball, not the ball going under my legs, so I could stop it. sorry about that, I have a lot of pent up aggression over my school

People Judging

Dude, I just suck. People always make side comments at me or laugh because I'm that horrible. I have never been 2nd last in a race. Always the last one. I always miss the hits in volleyball and I can't even dribble properly without tripping over. In badminton, I just suck, heck I can't even hit a birdie. My partners so pissed with me and keeps gossiping about me. It might not seem like a big thing, but I have social anxiety. It makes me want to just skip school because I'm so scared. I just wish gym was optional :/

People Bully You

My friends and teacher bully me

Same Sports Over and Over Again

Netball, hockey, rounders. Every single year, this has never really changed and I've never been someone who has excelled in these types of sports. However, I dance and used to do gymnastics. When ever a gymnastics unit came up, I got really excited when I was younger. Maybe I could show off what I could do! Oh wait, the unit is only 3 weeks long once a week, whilst the netball unit is 5-6 weeks long. How the hell is this fair?

They Expect You to Remember Every Rule and If You Forgot a Rule They Yell
Having to Wear a Bra

Gym has nothing to do with wearing a bra... Clearly this was put on here by a guy.

When you're a guy


Everyone Gets Punished

When one guy turned on all of the showers, the coach gave every male student an F.

Also, coaches add running time when one person is tardy, doesn't have their gym clothes, is talking, etc.

Our psycho coach from last year made us do 180 squats over a piece of gum that wasn't even from our grade.

When one student didn't change, the teacher made us do laps for an hour. - DogsUnleashed

Having to run laps just because someone wasn't quick enough

You have to do it after detention
Team Sports Make You Feel You're Letting Everyone Else Down

Yeah when you expected to make a goal and you miss people bully out on you.

Sitting in Squad Spots

Its stupid cause there are 10 inches between 2 peo pl le

People Don't Understand that Some People Don't Enjoy Sport

Me. Exactly me. I don't like floorball, I don't like football, I don't like basketball. I HATE SPORT because I'm just not into them.

It Serves No Purpose at All

There IS a purpose: to keep you fit and healthy

If You Get Sweaty, You Will Smell in Your Next Classes

Key point as to why I hate PE

When You Don't Come to School on a Run Day You Have to Do It the Next Day All by Yourself.

I had to go to the doctor because my back was hurting because of P.E so I came to school and went to P.E and they said I'm faking it when I had prove which was the doctors note.

Other People Talk About You

Our teachers made up some game called handball, basically a mix of basketball and soccer, and there's regular shirts and then there's jerserys. 1 team from shirts and the other from jerseys play against each other while everyone else watches. On top of my team never passing the ball to me, when they actually do I didn't think it was for me so I missed. Afterwards my team (3 other girls) were whispering about me and everyone from my side was not exactly happy. It's terrible

Well...hahaah handball is actually a real sport

Getting Picked on by the Coach for Getting a Stitch in the Run Directly After Lunch and Coming Last

Yes, apparently it's not a good idea to go cross0country after eating a ton of pizza

The 12 Minute Run

They make you sprint for 12 minutes straight. I thought Ontario people were the nicest in the world. - KILTAH

It's Challenging

"ok, why do we have to do this. I don't what to put myself through this much stress for nothing"

Not Knowing What Sport You Will Do

Well, I get so bloody stressed that I have a mental breakdown the night before because I don't know what I am going to be forced into doing. I would rather write lines for an entire week than do a whole 60 minutes of gymnastics that I have never done in my life.

Forced Participation

I never play the games that my gym teacher tells us to do because no one ever passes to me. my teacher sometimes comes up to me and asks why I don't play and I answer with because no one ever passes to me and then my gym teacher says that no one passes to me because I don't play. if I don't want to play the game I wouldn't be standing near the other teams net open.
so basically my teacher gets mad at me for my class not passing to me.

Getting Tired but They Still Force You to Try Hard
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