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21 It Messes Up Your Hair

I'm a guy and super worried about my hair (Medium length) I know It already looks god awful all the time, but when it gets messed up from what I deem "Decent enough to make it through the day", It's awful

Oh, so today your hair's looking great? TOO BAD. Today you have P.E and now your hair will look frizzy and sweaty.

22 Being With Snobby Teenagers
23 They Expect You to Remember Every Rule and If You Forgot a Rule They Yell
24 Having to Wear a Bra

Gym has nothing to do with wearing a bra... Clearly this was put on here by a guy.

When you're a guy


25 Everyone Gets Punished

When one guy turned on all of the showers, the coach gave every male student an F.

Also, coaches add running time when one person is tardy, doesn't have their gym clothes, is talking, etc.

Our psycho coach from last year made us do 180 squats over a piece of gum that wasn't even from our grade.

When one student didn't change, the teacher made us do laps for an hour. - DogsUnleashed

Having to run laps just because someone wasn't quick enough

26 Same Sports Over and Over Again
27 Activities the Teachers Make Up.
28 Fat Kids Get Laughed At

Ehh... Well at our school nobody gets laughed at...

29 Getting Judged

For teams you get judged mostly based on how atlethic you are. Like for example a guy chooses a fast girl for a game of tennis, the girl can't even play tennis but the guy just chooses anyway because the girl is still fast and everyone thinks fast people are the best people to choose. PEOPLE JUDGE YOU BASED ON YOUR APPERANCES and YOUR SIZE

People constantly demean me for not being good at sports, despite never training, and still being average in most sports, only because A. people don't like me in general, as everyone else is a chav, and I'm not and B. I previously haven't been good at sports, even though they've seen me get better at it. they constantly find excuses to make fun of me, like when I got "megs" or whatever it is, even though I went in over the ball, not the ball going under my legs, so I could stop it. sorry about that, I have a lot of pent up aggression over my school

30 Expecting Us to Put Effort Into Something Which We Only Go to Because We Have To, Not Because We Want To.
31 People Judging
32 Getting Graded on Running

I'm not sure if anybody else went through this... but my old gym teacher used to make us run around the track in three minutes. If you did not make it in three minutes, you immediately got a lower grade. And we had to do this four other times, so you can imagine we will get tired halfway there. It's not really fair in my opinion. Some people (like me) aren't good at running or have health issues (bad asthma) that causes us to slow down.

33 Hearing other people talk about you

Our teachers made up some game called handball, basically a mix of basketball and soccer, and there's regular shirts and then there's jerserys. 1 team from shirts and the other from jerseys play against each other while everyone else watches. On top of my team never passing the ball to me, when they actually do I didn't think it was for me so I missed. Afterwards my team (3 other girls) were whispering about me and everyone from my side was not exactly happy. It's terrible

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