Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate Pokemon Genwunners

Genwunners are the nostalgia fanatics of the Pokemon fanbase. They are often way worse than other nostagia fanatics of other franchises.

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1 They think everything after gen 1 sucks because it's not gen 1

If you compare the gen 1 games to rest, then they really are the worst. Tons of glitches (i.e, ghost type moves having no effect on psychic types), and vastly inferior graphics and music when compared to gens 3, 4, and 7.

Been playing since the beginning and still playing Pokemon. Only gen I don't care for is gen 5. (which is a shame because I liked the story line/ just didn't like a lot of the Pokemon designs from gen 5) Genwunner's are missing out on playing some great Pokemon games.

Pretty much what it says. I'm no Genwunner, and I really don't like Gen 1 that much.

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2 They bash others who are into newer generations

I admit, I have a friend who is a Genwunner (or so I think), but he only says that Gen one is good. He acceprlts that I only like the other generations l, which is good. Genwunners are like Amourshipping, just saying.

3 They ignore the faults of gen 1 to bash newer generations

Going back through gen 1 made me realize one thing: These games just flat-out weren't finished. There are so many glitches, several of which are encountered simply by playing normally through the game. I'd still recommend every fan of the series play through these games at least once just to see where the series started, but I wouldn't blame you if you run away screaming back to gen 7. - Zach808

Sorry to break it to you, but Gen 1 is the most flawed generation we ever had. Yes, even "worse" than gen 5 that you bash on so much when it isn't even that bad of a generation. And I'm saying this as someone who started getting into Pokemon around gen 1. - Rue

Gen 1 is the most unbalanced Pokémon game there is. It has been blown out the water throughout the years in terms of it's gameplay, story and mechanics. Gen 2, (the very next Gen, for god's sake) is so much more balanced and replayable than it's predecessor. And it's on the same console. Throughout the years, Pokemon has gotten more balanced, more variety, more replayabilty. As someone who's been playing since Gen 2, Pokémon has been getting better over time. Some people just need to take of the nostalgia goggles. Remember this, nostalgia can be the best thing and worst thing about someone at the same time. - cjWriter1997

1. You think the original games are outdated.
2. The anime was more fun when I was younger I would probably hate Pokemon anime now.
3. Nostalgia
4. The worst bit of the video games was you couldn't play as a girl in the early games.
5. The worst bit of the Anime was the seizure episode which was banned.

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4 They don't know when to stop worshiping Misty from the Pokemon anime

Misty is the worst poke girl EVER.

This. Definitely this. Misty and Serena are my 2 least favorite Pokegirls, and people only like Misty because of nostalgia. I really can't find anything likable or redeemable about her other than the fact that she was first. And believe me, I've tried. - BDOG375

I really didn't like Misty, even when I started with the original series when watching the anime. I didn't downright hate her either. I guess you can call it an indifference towards Misty. - Rue

5 All the reasons they have for loving gen 1 is completely nostalgia based

Wrong. Maybe some people grew out of it then decided to play it again and found it boring.

I'm not saying you can't like certain aspects because of nostalgia but if you are going to base all of your opinions on something from nostalgia, all you are doing is showing you are heavily biased. Especially in the case of being a genwunner, as you only like Pokemon for nostalgic purposes and nothing else. - Rue

6 They give fans crap for not starting with Gen 1 when it comes to get into Pokemon

Its called being born after 1995 - boltslegend

1) Not everyone was around in 1996-1997 to play Pokemon
2) Not everyone gets into Pokemon that early
3) Not everyone is going to bother playing generation 1 games as they started to get into Pokemon as of late

It doesn't make them any less of a Pokemon fan for not starting with gen 1. HELL, I suggest playing Fire Red and Leaf Green over RBY because of how broken those games are when it comes to glitches and such. - Rue

7 They bash all other Pokemon rivals for not being Trainer Blue

I hated Gary from the anime because he's a jerk.

Dude silver from GSC and gladion from SM are way cooler rivals than blue

8 They don't know when to stop worshiping Charizard and Mewtwo

I know not all Charizard and Mewtwo fans are genwunners, but the worst Charizard/Mewtwo fans tend to be genwunners - Rue

9 They think legendaries lost their meaning

Sorry, moltres don't have nothing of leggendary it's just a chicken that is going to fire - Unitywolf12

Newtwo was created to copy new and be strong arceus creates the world

Yes, there are a lot of them. But unlike most of the legendaries of gen 1, they have lore to them. Which MAKES THEM HAVE MEANING. The only legendaries that had some meaning and lore to them in generation 1 is Mew and Mewtwo. That's it.

Like seriously, can you tell me the lore that is connected to the legendary birds? Probably not. - Rue

10 They are quick to say non gen 1 Pokemon are not Pokemon

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11 They think gamefreak is running out of ideas

You mean the dead Pikachu Mimikyu

Honestly, I strongly disagree with this. Sure, there are uncreative Pokemon and Pokemon with dumb concept, but most of them were made with ideas in mind. Gen 7 especially. In gen 7, they put a lot of thought when it comes to creating Pokemon to suit the environment and culture of Hawaii, what Alola is based on. Here's some examples of how gamefreak put in care to make an idea for a Pokemon:

Mimikyu - May just look like a ghost with a Pikachu cloth hiding its body, but if you look into the Pokemon more, it has a very dark and depressing lore surrounding it. Which is the reason why people love it so much.

The Guardian Deities - They took Hawaiian culture in account for this if it isn't obvious already

Marshadow - It's not entirely certain what its based on, though there are several implications of what it is. It seems to be based on either the God of War, Nightmarchers, or a shadow boxer... or maybe a mix of all 3.

The ultra beasts - really unique and work ...more - Rue

Ah so litteraly crap (muk) is original and a fusion of a land shark and of a dragon (Garchomp) is not original?! But where're gone you brain? - Unitywolf12

I was in this camp during the gen 5 days, mainly because of all the rehashed designs in that pokedex (mostly from gen 1), but Gamefreak seems to have gotten over that with these past 2 generations. Looking back, they probably just bit off more than they could chew trying to cram over 150 pokemon into a new generation (besides the first one), and they ended up rushing the designs. The latest generation in particular had great designs, and they felt fresh. - Zach808

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12 They think every design and name is perfect

Yeah, cause Jynx is totally not a horrible abomination that should never see the light of day again. - cjWriter1997

As someone who started with the first 151 Pokemon, I can tell you that I see absolutely no appeal for most of them personally. Their designs don't appeal to me. A lot are too bland and unimaginative for me. I felt this way back in gen 2 days also and hardly used Kanto Pokemon when the option was given to me.

...Oh, those are reasons that genwunners give crap to later gens for... UH OH!... It looks like Gen 1 follows the same problems that people have problems with when it comes to certain Pokemon in other gens. - Rue

13 They Hate Incineroar

"What!? Okay! That doesn't even make sense, Simply hating a Pokemon doesn't make you simply a "Genwunner" Incineroar gets a Lot of flack for being another Bipedal Fire-Fighting-Like Pokemon but Seriously!? Whoever placed that there needs to get their head checked.

14 They hate how the 20th Anniversary movie looks because it's not the exact same as the first few episodes of season 1 of Pokemon

Most of what I've seen are genwunners complaining how the movie is not exactly like the 1st season of Pokemon. Well of course not, you dimwits. It's a literal re imagining of when Ash meets Pikachu. Of course there will be differences. - Rue

While I have to agree with them on that, I think that the animators could've made it exactly like the nostalgic version. "Pokémon B/W - Ash remembers Charizard" anyone? Ash looked very different from his appearance and sounded different as well. I guess they want to go with changes, which that's okay.

It's apparently more than a re imagining. It has newer characters, no Brock and Misty, Pipup, Incineroar, Ho-oh being more involved... MARSHADOW!

Genwunners are hating the crap out of this but I'm personally looking forward to it. It's a new way to look at Ash's first journey. - Rue

15 They think Pokemon are everything
16 They hate things in later games that were in Gen 1

Jesus Christ,
you claim Pokemon based on food, garbage and inanimate objects are bad(i.e Vanilluxe, Garbodor, and Chandelure) When GEN 1 DID THE EXACT SAME THING WITH EXEGGECUTE, MUK AND VOLTORB!

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