Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate School Days

School Days is probably the most hated anime of all time. If you haven't seen School Days yet, or you just want to rant, these are reasons why it's so hated.

Remember, this is the anime, not the SDHQ game.
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Makoto Ito basically sleeps with most of the girls in the series

School. Days is. The. Best. Game

It is so true. That is why people hate the anime because Makoto sleeps with every girl. Personally, I liked the anime and Makoto was meant to be hated.

He is gross

Guys, this list is about an anime series. Not actual school days.

Sekai murders Makoto violently

I wish I could kill every character in that monstrosity.

I just went to see this scene on YouTube when I saw this. I just thought this is why I don't watch anime. Either someone gets brutally killed or it is just full of sexual inuendos. Anime is weird.

Sekai, one of the people that caused Makoto to be how he is, ended up stabbing him because of jealousy. She also lied that she was pregnant just to be with him, only to kill him later. - zerolamasta

Actually Makoto deserved that murder. I think Sekai did a good thing. - TwilightKitsune

Kotonoha didn't really do anything useful

She's just as boring and flat as any of the characters in this anime are. She depended way too much on Makoto for emotional support and she's just the typical girlfriend you see and then has a horrible character development by going yandere in the LAST DAMN MINUTE! If she never really wanted to let him go then she should have done something! Makoto is a dickhead I agree but I honestly can't blame him sometimes. Kotonoha and she is just dimensional she's supposed to be a character we can relate to but she's so bland and boring that I honestly almost want to snore when the screen faces on her she practically does NOTHING most of the time and that's nit just linked to because she has no social life ugh! Kotonoha is just as irritating as Sekai like no joke

All she did was cry because Makoto wasn't there for her. Yes, I know that she was raped, but she could have suspected or done something much sooner. Not to mention that she turned into a yandere out of nowhere, making her useless until the ending. - zerolamasta

Taisuke raped Kotonoha while Makoto danced with Sekai

Taisuke ended up raping Kotonoha, ending with her suffering and crying. Meanwhile, Makoto is having a lovely romantic dance with Sekai, and they have the time of their lives. Considering Taisuke was Makoto's best friend, he was definitely going to be a horrible character. - zerolamasta

This scene is what I hate most about school days..

Not to mention, he literally FORCED her to go to the festival with him by CONSTANTLY asking her to go to the festival with him until she said yes(She didn't, but Isn't it obvious), not accepting that she disagreed. Sometimes In life, there are some things that you can't get. Taisuke should grow up, seriously. - MLPFan

Yikes. Kotonoha is literally the only innocent character

All of the characters have bad development

Tekai was the worst

The characters DID develop, and it wasn't good development. Makoto went from an innocent teen to a sex-obsessed traitor, Sekai went from a normal popular girl to a lying egoist, and Kotonoha went from a regular smart girl to an annoying and oblivious person who somehow goes yandere-mode.

All of the other ones stayed almost exactly the same and didn't do much. - zerolamasta

This - Oliwally

The story goes completely downhill

It all starts with Makoto having a crush on Kotonoha, and Sekai wants to "help" him. It's just a regular cute beginning to a cute love story. WRONG. By episode 4, Makoto starts having sex with all the other girls and Sekai gets jealous. In the end, Sekai kills Makoto and Kotonoha kills Sekai. Makes sense? - zerolamasta

I'm totally agree with this...

Sekai's friends caused even more trouble

Sekai's friends also had sex with Makoto and kept on bullying Kotonoha. They did nothing but act useless and mean, triggering other characters even more. - zerolamasta

Kotonoha turns into a yandere last minute

This was EXTREMELY unnecessary since being violent isn't the type of person she is at all. She was way too weak to do any of this, and she shouldn't have done it last minute. As much as I hate Sekai, I honestly do like her more than Kotonoha. - zerolamasta

Six cruel hours of our lives

School I hate you

So damn true!

The opening pretty much says it all

The opening is all nice at first... And then there are the girls in the series, completely naked. It pretty much spoils the fact that Makoto made out with all of the naked girls in the opening. - zerolamasta

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Makoto told Kotonoha "I don't like you" after having a massive crush on her

In an episode, she wants to hang out with him, but he tells her that he doesn't like her at all anymore and she ends up heartbroken. The story started with him saying that he wanted to date her, but then he ended up getting bored of her. I can't really blame him, but he shouldn't have told her that.

Especially since she turns into a psycho last minute. - zerolamasta

Yandere moments

I agree BIG TIME. They really sucked

It's anime

Really, people? Okay, this anime really sucks, but most anime are awesome! Just watch Cowboy Bebop and Attack on Titan and you'll see! Not to mention Sword Art Online and Fate/Stay Night! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not a valid reason. Good anime does exist, though School Days isn't one of them.

Too scary

Not really it's just realistic - styLIShT

So scary I cry every night and pee my pants as I continue to eat ice cream and wonder where I went wrong with my life.

Not really

The Endings

They are too brutal

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