Top 10 Reasons Why People Like Music

I'm not going to make another cliché, music bashing list because there's several of those plaguing this site I'll instead be focusing on why people like music in general. And I honestly don't care what kind of music you prefer, because music like any kind of art is purely subjective.

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1 They like the meanings behind certain songs

This is why Green Day is my favorite band. They put meaning into every single song they make
(except maybe Uno, Dos, Tres). They make stories with their albums. It's so nice to listen to - SeagullBoi

Sometimes it's interesting to find out the meaning of a song. - Userguy44

A pretty obvious, but major reason to include.

2 It gives them a passion for a certain genre or subject

Blues is my passion. There isn't and won't be a day in my life I don't / won't listen to it and feel extremely happy that it's in my life.
"Everyday I have the blues" - Buddy Guy. - Britgirl

That's me. Before metal I liked other music genres, including pop, but it wasn't a passion. It was just liking music. When metal came into my life... that was a passion. I felt like I finally found what I was looking for. - Metal_Treasure

That's exactly how I was before and after I discovered / was introduced to Blues. I crave Blues. I imagine that's how it is for you and metal. - Britgirl

Pretty self explanatory, but basically I needed to include this item at some point.

Rock music is my passion - Userguy44

3 It calms them down

Not morbid stuff from metal.
More like mindfulness music.
or just pop music from any decade even nowadays who cares the New Kids On The Block are actually happy they were around before Twitter existed. Because of bashing nowadays.

Which is a big plus to any genre regardless if it's Rock, rap, metal or anything else for that matter.

I love music when its frmo video games, they are just so soothing and relaxing, and sometimes they are so epic - darthvadern

Yep, music is awesome! - BlazingParasol

4 It connects with them emotionally
5 It helps them relax

Especially if you've had a very stressful day and need to mellow out for a bit.

I do like music still though. - iliekpiez

For me music is one of the most overrated things ever. The most popular artform, and I never got why. Movies? T.V.? Comics? Books? , but this list has helped me gain perspective a little. - iliekpiez

Eh I respect your opinion, and it's cool that you understand why people like it.

6 It's enjoyable

I make beats on my computer, and it's quite enjoyable to me. I'm a creative beatmaker. - yamionthetrap

7 They want to ignore all of the chaos life has

AKA the biggest reason why I listen to music.

Very good list, Jeffrey. I tuckered down my pessimism because it soothes upon me whenever I sense something gleeful of what I hear from my music. Oh, yes, indeed...- Kevinsidis

8 They like the lyrics to a certain song or artist

For example: I like Linkin Park due to the lyrics they have in their songs that aren't Nu metal-ish AKA Minutes to Midnight and onwards.

9 It can make you smarter

Only some music genres. - Metal_Treasure

10 It helps them through life

Some songs can be related to in real life or death situations.

It can definitely work. - Userguy44

Depending on the song, and it's meaning of course but yeah.

I think this might be true. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 They like how a certain genre or artist sounds

Again depending on what your preference is, but yeah pretty basic to be honest.

Yep. I love how metal music sounds - powerful, intense and different than the mainstream music. - Metal_Treasure

12 It's easy to get into

Kind of a filler item but I needed ten items so eh.

13 It's catchy

I really like Eminem, his songs are so catchy! - darthvadern

Depending on your music preferences.

14 It can be motivational


If you have something big coming up whether it’s a test in school, football game, drama play, any type of sporting event. Music can help you get motivated - Randomator

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