Reasons Why People Like Their Favorite Pokemon

We all have reasons why we like specific Pokemon. It can be a combination of these reasons also.

The Top Ten

1 Their experiences with the Pokemon

Gotta love my mister macho Incineroar and how I interacted with it in Pokemon Refresh. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Absol is my favorite Pokemon for so many reasons but I had to choose this one. the first time I saw him I had to have him on my team. Then I sweeped so many teams with and I've used him in like every game he's available. Then he got a mega which the image of perfection. (Should have been dark/fairy type though) and then I got a shiny one and brought him to the competitive scene and he SWEEPED MAGIC BOUNCE/NIGHT SLASH = GAME OVER

2 Memories they had with the Pokemon

This part is too similar to the experience list so I won't message it again. - marshadow

3 The Pokemon's competitive use

I better train up that Alolan Muk I have. It's one hell of a tank. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 The Pokemon's type combination
5 The Pokemon is adorable

Both in appearance and personality.

6 The Pokemon looks cool
7 The Pokemon's appearance in the anime

... Charizard... My best friend. Know that I'll remember you.

8 The Pokemon's aesthetic fitting their aesthetic
9 The Pokemon came from their favorite generation of Pokemon

I have so many Pokemon that are my favorite in Gen 7 even though they have the second least amount of released Pokemon, ever. - marshadow

10 The Pokemon's lore

Right now the only Pokemon I can think of that are my favorite that fall under this category is Type: Null and Silvally. If I can remember more, I'll list them later. - marshadow

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