Reasons Why People Should Cheer John Cena

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1 His Work with Make-A-Wish

Yeah, I agree with this one. He is such a kindhearted guy. The only thing that he has to change his boring and stale gimmick in WWE. Otherwise he is such a great guy out of the ring.

2 He Hasn't Done Everything...(Yet)
3 He Gave Us Memorable Moments

Yeah a few I guess like Brock Lesnar destroying his ass at Summerslam. Now that one was one of the most memorable moments he has given to us.

4 He Didn't Break Undertaker's Streak

But instead he broke Rusev's streak and buried Wyatt and Cesaro.

5 He Picked Up Big Show AND Edge On His Shoulders For AA

So what? The Rock rockbottomed HHH and Shane together once. Kane picked and threw Big Show out of the ring. Goldberg could lift Big Show with one hand for a few seconds. Brock Lesnar lifted Big Show and ran laughingly with him throughout the ring. Cesaro who is much lighter than Cena and had no muscles could pick Big Show on one shoulder for few seconds. Undertaker doublechokeslammed Jbl and Randy Orton.Then what is so special about Cena doing so. Plus while doing it his ankles were shaking and Edge fell down and didn't even last for a second. This opinion sucks.

So cena deserves respect cause he a fat guy and a skinny guy together? so brock lesnar lifts two people up for a f5 and people still didn't like him until 2015 when he turned face. proves fans are puppets

6 He Can Be Funny

Who loves his butthurt jokes? His 10 year old fans I suppose?

Childish poopy jokes aren't funny unless you're under 10

7 He Respects People Who Deserve It

Really? Then what about Kane and Bigshow?

8 He Never Has Been Face For Over Ten Years

He has been Face for 10 years now and also the longest face than anyone in the history of wrestling. And also this stupid face thing was invented by John Cena!

9 He Does not Give Up

But he gave up many times. He tapped out to Jericho, Benoit and Kurt Angle. He also decided to leave WWE on many occasions.

Never ever gives up love him and I am going to be honest and I cry when he gets hurt but he always gets bake up

10 He Is Staying Away From Championships (For Now)

So what is the point? He should have stayed away Championships long before. WWE already made him a 15 time World Championship when a lot of talents deserved a lot more than him. So there is no point for him staying away from Championships. This list made me to hate Cena more!

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11 He is Becoming a Good Wrestler
12 He is a Better Wrestler Than Brock Lesnar

However, I agree with this one. Cena is a better wrestler than Brock. Cena at least tries to perform new moves and also shows a great passion for wrestling. What about Brock Lesnar? All he does is a boring damn Suplex! His F5 sucks. His matches have become terrible. Brock only cares for money.

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