Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Leave Some YouTubers Alone

Look, I'm not a YouTuber, but people are disrespecting YouTubers. This list is why I cannot believe why they do this. And you can rant about it.
(I ran out of things to say)

The Top Ten

1 The YouTubers aren't robots or slaves that work 24/7

YouTubers are humans too. They are not slaves working for your entertainment, they work for money just like a normal person does - KingSlayer93316

TheTopTens is way more ruthless than YouTube and is way more flawed, but the flaws YouTube has...I can't even. People constantly request quantity and that means nothing if the videos they produce are garbage. Quality is more important, even if you need some quantity. - DCfnaf

They are humans, seriously. They need to eat, they need to sleep. THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO ANIMATING OR BROADCASTING ALL DAY AND NIGHT! - Ultron123

I Hate Screen Rant Because They Upload The SAME BS EVERY DARN DAY!, Same With Buzzfeed, - VideoGamefan5

2 People think that they are the ones in control

Apparently, kids act like the YouTuber is their property and treat them terribly. What? - Ultron123

3 They have dumb reasons to hate a YouTuber

Verlisify getting hated on for telling the truth and calls out on bad poketubers and hackers.

People hate DanTDM because of his fanbase. I admit they're not perfect, but EVERY fanbase has a few idiots like that... - TwilightKitsune

One said, "OH YOU DON'T DO THAT MUCH OF ANIMATING! I'M UNSUBSCRIBING! " They have their own life. Face it they aren't your genie. They are humans. - Ultron123

4 They act like selfish jerks

Look, they do what they want to do. You are not going to get what you want them to do by whining and complaining. Try suggesting nicely. And if they don't do it, who cares? Expect you. (No offense) - Ultron123

5 They only care about what they want and don't care about what others want

You know, good quality videos only come if the YouTuber have time to do it, or the YouTuber get rest. Their life isn't just YouTube - Ultron123

6 Most of them act like their opinions are right and everyone else's are wrong

The old fashion one. I seen a video where someone said something like, "why do you hate blah blah blah your opinion is wrong" oh god - Ultron123

7 Most are whiny

The first trait I think of when I see the comments. - Ultron123

8 Most can't take jokes

Diamond Bolt, a YouTuber, once joked that he wished Bumblebee was killed instead of like Que or Ironhide. And what did he get? Hate. So much hate. For a joke and a bit of his opinion. - Ultron123

9 They claim to be fans but aren't

I'm clearly not a fan of YouTubers, but I LOVE YouTube!

They are just there to act like jerks to the YouTubers - Ultron123

10 All they care about are videos that they like

They don't care about their well being, their life, and that true fans off them want to see good quality videos and let him/her rest. No, all they care about are the things that they like. - Ultron123

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