Reasons Why People Should Like Eminem's Revival

the album revival didn't do very well but it wasn't his worst album and here are some reasons people should like revival

The Top Ten

1 Great Story Telling

The story telling in this album is top notch seriously listen to castle, arose, and river and you'll see what I'm talking about

Uhh, maybe. I didn't think of this much when I listened to it. - PhenomentalOne

2 He Apologizes to Kim

Really? That's probably one of the most desperate decisions he's ever taken, and that too on one of the WORST SONGS OF THAT ALBUM. - PhenomentalOne

Bad husband wasn't even close to the worst here's a few that's worse need me, heat, remind me, untouchable and the list keeps going on and it was a little desperate but not to desperate

On the Marshall Mathers LP 2 Eminem apologized to his mom Debbie Mathers and on this album he finally apologizes to his ex wife Kim Scott in the song bad husband

3 He Talks About Political Issues

There aren't many rappers out nowadays that are doing that. - jameshoward

4 It Wasn't His Worst Album

This is true his worst albums are infinite and relapse, this might not be his best album but isn't as bad as people say it is. This is probably his most experimental album - germshep24

Relapse was his worst album. - jameshoward

Yes, it was. Hands. Down. - PhenomentalOne

If your going to hate on this album then look at the albums this one's better then which are infinite,relapse, and recovery

5 We Got Some Slim Shady

Slim Shady doesn't explicitly state that he wants to offend you. And if this is Slim Shady, well, I've been shocked for nothing, because this is soft. - PhenomentalOne

In the song framed we got some slim shady in the song

6 Has Some of His Best Songs

This album has the song river the song bad husband like home offended castle arose believe and so on this album just has amazing songs

You just repeated #3. Also, NO. - PhenomentalOne

Not exactly repeating if I say there's no bad songs it doesn't mean there the best it means they aren't bad they could be in the middle and it does have some of his best songs like castle and river

7 There Wasn't Any Bad Songs

It is hard for Eminem to make a bad song because even a subpar song will be considered good because the Eminem fan base considers anything by Em good - germshep24

The worst song on the album was need me and that was just because of pink all the others were great

LOL, 'Castle' is the only good song here. - PhenomentalOne

What about river, arose, believe, offended, like home the songs on this album weren't bad

8 He Wasn't Offending as Many People

Back 15 years ago he was called a homophobic sexist but now on this album he was really offending anyone except for trump supporters even though I didn't mind him offending other people

That's what earned him his name in the first place. Eminem wouldn't be Eminem if he wasn't offensive. But here... - PhenomentalOne

But as he grew up he decides he shouldn't be acting like he was in his earlier years

9 More Songs to Hailie

I mean, there are only 2, as far as I can remember. And how is that a GOOD thing (not saying it's a bad thing, but still)? - PhenomentalOne

It's a good thing because one of those songs was the best on the album

Eminem's has a bunch of dedicated songs to his daughter hailie like hailie's song, when I'm gone and mockingbird but this one has two castle and arose (sorta)

10 The Collaborations

LOL, I mean, he was aiming HARD for mainstream crossover, but failed. But the collaborations weren't special to begin with, so, yeah. - PhenomentalOne

They weren't special but I don't like any of the people he collaborated with and in a Eminem song they sound good

I don't even like the people Eminem had as features on his album but put them on a Eminem song and there magically good

The Contenders

11 Just Sounded Good

It's some of his worst production to date, even though he could afford SO. MANY. GOOD. SAMPLES. - PhenomentalOne

The songs sounded really good most of them had a good beat and he sounded good when he was rapping

12 It is an Eminem Album

This should be number one reason and surprised the creator of this list didn't think of it. Eminem hasn't made a bad album. This album might not be closed to has good as MMLP, MMLP2, SSLP, or Eminem Show, but doesn't mean it doesn't have some good songs - germshep24

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