Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Stop Bandwagoning on TheTopTens

People bandwagon a lot on this site and it has gotten old.

The Top Ten

1 Bandwagons often make people think they have to think like one person to be good

I agree with the other comment here, this item speaks for itself. - allamassal

I think this explains itself really.

2 Bandwagons in general attack someone or something for minor things or plain on drag the hate they have for something too far

BOTDF: Gets hate for making a few mediocre songs.
Justin Bieber: Gets hate for existing
Jake Paul: Same thing as JB
Leafyishere: Gets hate because people can't handle his jokes
Linkin Park: Gets hate for being edgy and being quote on quote "sellouts" for OML
MatPat: Gets hate for a few mediocre theories and because people get triggered over his theories.

3 Bandwagons can unintentionally start drama

Yeah I'm not going into anymore depth here the whole ZooTopia war enough said.

4 By creating a bandwagon you're just making people think like you and have the same opinion you do

I don't think I need to explain why.

5 Bandwagons in general over exaggerate the hate they have for something or someone

Regardless if it's a YouTuber who makes theories or a mediocre crunkcore band that everyone thinks is the worst thing in existence. Their hate for something can be extremely overexgerrated.

6 It's not original to hop on a bandwagon

No explanation needed.

7 Half of the things people bandwagon on aren't that terrible

Like Justin Bieber or Nickelback. - allamassal

Matpat, BOTDF, Linkin Park, Nickelback, nearly every post- grunge or nu metal band and finally Limp Bizkit.

8 Hating something or someone because other people hate it is cliche

Very cliche I'll add.

9 Following an opinion that isn't yours doesn't make it your own opinion

Pretty self explantory.

10 Bandwagons often get old and tiring after a while

Especially music bandwagons *COUGH COUGH* BOTDF, Rae Srremund and Linkin Park.

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