Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Bullying Twilightkitsune

This list is for TK. I very sorry to TK because TK deserved more love, not hate. Visitors, don't bully her now!

This list is made by me to make visitors realizes their mistakes what did they do to TK.

TK deserved more love and respect, not hate and bully

The Top Ten

1 She has her own opinion

Yeah people! She can like or hate Rainbow Dash if she wants to! It's not the end of the world if she hates a character! And attacking her about it is going to make her hate RD even more! It's fine if you attack haters that are mean to you about liking something. Don't attack people who did nothing to you. If someone hates something I like, I would respect their opinion and not harass them. I would only attack them if they attack me first about liking what I like.

If y'all are mad over opinion you just look immature, no offense. - XannyPhvntxm

Look, everyone has opinions and criticizes the things they like, okay? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Listen, bullies. Would you like it if you were attacked and bullying for having your own opinions? I think not.

So, leave Twilightkitsune alone, already!

2 She is happy and cares about everyone

Yes twilightkitsune cares about her friends a lot and she is happy expressing her own opinions. Unless you get on her bad side, she is very happy, kind and caring and she doesn't deserve the hard life she gets and she definitely needs to stop being bullied. - UltraLunalaX

3 She needs more love, not hate

She's had it pretty rough, but she still manages to be sweet to everyone. The people who bully her for petty and stupid reasons should realize this. - Elric-san

Realize this, bullies! - BorisRule

4 She isn't rude to other users
5 It's okay if she hate Rainbow Dash, she can like or hate whatever she wants

I agree with this - Neonco31

If you bully someone because they don’t like a character, then you have a serious problem. - 3DG20

6 She never send abusive messages
7 She doesn't bullies other users
8 They treat her like she has no feelings, but she does

That is just rude - Neonco31

Thanks Chat Noir fan for making this. I didn't deserve but than you <3. - TwilightKitsune

9 She needs more respects
10 She never did anything to you

I honestly don't know who Twilightkitsune is. But she doesn't deserve to be bullied. She deserves better.

The Contenders

11 Some visitors should be nice to her

I'm nice to her so... - Userguy44

I like her and I just met her too. - GehennaTheSecond

12 She wanted to be herself
13 She doesn't have any apologies

This entire list is true.

14 She doesn't have bad grammar
15 She is kind

Ya she is I say...STOP BULLYING!

16 She's been through enough already
17 She's creative
18 You shouldn’t bully anyone

It's NEVER OK to bully anyone at all.

19 She likes Seraph of the End

Just like me! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

I do too! - FreddyFazStark123

20 She doesn't deserve her hate
21 She's a good person
22 She is nice, cool and innocent user
23 There are better ways you can pass time than being a bully.
24 She copies Cody Ko
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