Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Stop Comparing Three Days Grace to Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park and Nickelback.

I had to make this list because I`m getting sick of people making these false BS comparisons about Three Days Grace. If you want to comment be positive. And don't comment crap like this "MODERN THREE DAYS GRACE=MODERN LINKIN PARK YOU IDIOT!" or "BREAKING BENJAMIN AND THREE DAYS GRACE ARE SIMILAR YOU IGNORANT RETARD" Lastly "NICKELBACK AND THREE DAYS GRACE SHOULD BE COMPARED". Three Days Grace is different than Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park and Nickelback. Three Days Grace are nothing like the sellouts Linkin Park and Nickelback are. Also Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin are completely different.

The Top Ten

1 Three Days Grace has a different unique style that doesn't rip off Linkin Park

Actually, they're not unique at all. They sound very predictable, cliche, and are not unique at all. Not a bad band, but you treat them like they're gods or something... - Alpha101

2 Three Days Grace has relatable songs Linkin Park and Nickelback don't

That is so untrue. Linkin Park has a ton of relatable songs, such as "From The Inside", "Heavy", "Breaking The Habit", "Given Up", "Numb", "Talking To Myself", "Don't Stay", "What I've Done", "Faint" etc. They may not be relatable to you but that doesn't mean they're not relatable to anyone.

Damn Right

3 Three Days Grace's old singer Adam Gontier and Ben Burnley from Breaking Benjamin have nothing in common.
4 Three Days Grace has more Natural singers than Nickelback
5 Three Days Grace and Linkin Park have Nothing in common
6 Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin's song structures are completely different.
7 Three Days Grace actually sounds better than Nickelback


8 Modern Three Days Grace is not like Modern Linkin Park
9 Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin are not simlar at all.
10 Three Days Grace and Linkin Park have a completely different style

The Contenders

11 None of these bands sound anything alike
12 Three Days Grace is NOT electronic.
13 They don't sound similar at all
14 Three Days Grace and Nickelback have nothing in common
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