Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Stop Fighting Over Politics

I know that I'll get hate for this but I'm just so damn sick of this. I don't care if you're a liberal, conservative or centrist but this gets old as hell. I've gotten tired of arguing over this and I know I'm not only the only one that is. I'm not saying that people aren't allowed to have a political preferences. I just think that political preferences like musical preferences should be respected.

The Top Ten

1 It's petty

Debating is fine, but don't threaten to kill someone for not seeing eye to eye politically. - cjWriter1997

It really is to petty to argue with someone over different political beliefs.

2 Both sides are flawed

Focus on your own ideology's flaws before you lash out towards the other ones - yungstirjoey666

Not every president/candidate is flawless.

Neither political side is flawless and both are flawed.

Something that everyone should realize. - cjWriter1997

3 It's immature

I find it to be really immature to argue over politics.

Super immature, indeed. - awesomedp900

4 It only causes drama and fights

Amen to this reason! - giddyjoker

Which to me isn't worth it at all.

5 Everyone has their own beliefs so it's better to respect those beliefs than fight over them

I think it's better to respect different beliefs than to fight over them.

6 It's pointless

Voting is pointless. The bad ones always get in. - giddyjoker

It's just as pointless as fighting over music taste it really is.

That's true.

7 It's not helpful at all

I don't find arguing over politics to be helpful in the slightest.

8 It doesn't make you intelligent

Arguing with someone over politics isn't intelligent at least to me and at best should be avoided at all costs.

9 Stereotyping people because of their political preferences doesn't make you a better person

Doesn't matter what side you're on stereotyping someone because they're a liberal or conservative is just plain retarded.

10 It's not worth fighting over

To me it's not worth fighting about regardless of how important it might be.

The Contenders

11 So people can get a moment of peace

Everyone is guilty of the fights. Even I admit that I am guilty, as charged. - giddyjoker

Yeah it’s always the liberals starting the fights.

I've seen conservatives start fights to, so don't point the finger on anyone...

12 Politics always cause division

We have a winner for best reason on this list! - giddyjoker

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