Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Hating on Atheists

I am Christian but i respect atheist i hate people who hate them

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1 They are just people

Christians are allowed to hate certain conducts (like everyone else can), but no one should ever hate a person!

Yes we are ^_^

Actually, if you hate people, you probably ARE a Christian. Neo-Nazis and all the crap that's going on right now, like Trump-a-dump saying that there is a War on Christmas. It is so true, like all the religious idiots in hobby lobby and Giant, because they say 'happy holidays' instead of 'bless your heart, have a merry Christmas'. GROW UP, my god. At least atheists don't try to convert people into their religion. At least atheists don't have to wake up every Sunday morning, praying for a god that killed your dog. AT LEAST ATHEISTS DON'T CALL PEOPLE N%%~S!

2 You can't control what you believe
3 It doesn't mean that they are a bad person if they don't believe in God

Why do so may=ny Christian believe our enemy are atheist our enemy is satan - BoyGenius234

No, it doesn't. But it was atheism which resulted in the "untimely" deaths, directly or indirectly, of nearly 300 million people in the 20th century alone.

4 They have a reason why they become atheist

Nobody is born an atheist they don't know what that is till they learn what it is.
Its either atheism or religion.

Nobody become an atheist. Everybody is born as atheist. It's the other way around, people become religious " for a reason " ( obligated by the society they live in, learned trough family, school, education etc... ).

They don't believe your fat old man sitting in a cloud

5 They respect other religions

If you respect mine. - XxembermasterxX

Since 1962, the radical atheist agenda has dominated American politics, education, jurisprudence and entertainment. The results have been socially, culturally, economically and civically disastrous.

Yeah the ones who are not on the internet.

I created this list in my old account (lovingicecreams) In the description I said that I'm a christian but I'm not a christian anymore I'm agnostic

6 Nobody can really prove that God exists

Open a Bible, check the impossible ages. A 500 year old man aka Noah could actually build a giant Ark for 2 kinds of every animal and him and his family at his age. God stopped the tower of babel from being built but people can go to space.

"Nothing can be proven? " Really? If you mean that a state of "nothingness" can be proven, you are in obvious error. If you mean that "no thing" can be proven-- to exist, to occur, to be correct-- you are in even greater and more obvious error.

And when will you know or have prove? After your death? In your so-called afterlife? What about people who died without knowledge ( children, uneducated people, people with low IQ's etc... )? Will they have suddenly the knowledge to understand everything about existence? God is not real. It's just an ancient tool invented to control a organised society based on hierarchies.

I'm a Christian and off course, I believe in God and I respect atheists at the same time.

7 Religion is a choice

Or Wicca were they do not believe in creation, they believe in evolution. Because there is no holy book.

Choose Book about Evolution or Bible.
It's up to you.

8 They can be your friend

I have a friend that’s an atheist on this website, but we get along well. He doesn’t bash me and I don’t bash him, that’s all there is to it guys

9 Our relatives can be an atheists
10 It's okay if you don't believe in God

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11 They do nothing wrong to you
12 Hating on them makes you look like a bully

This why people shouldn't bully and discriminate others.

13 Some don't hate Christians

People who don't use the internet.
Like my mum, my nan.

Oh? Only some? That's a relief.

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