Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Hating on Autistic People

The Top Ten

1 There is nothing wrong with having autism at all

Yes there is and this is coming from an autistic person. - Soulstealer

2 Most are pretty nice people
3 Not all autistic people are overly sensitive

Every autistic person I have met is extremely sensitive, I'm afraid. - Puga

Non-autistic people like you can be extremely sensitive too, I'm very sorry to say.

4 They are mostly smart

Normal guys could fail
Autism has a chance to win

5 They are misunderstood
6 The are mostly mature people, who can take criticism

Then why do they screech all the time lmao - Puga

7 Some of them can learn to interact with the real world
8 A great number of autistic people think in a sensible or logic matter
9 They are mostly very creative
10 Famous people have it

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11 Not all of them are as bad as other people make them out to be
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