Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Hating on Girly Girls

a lot of people hate girly girls so i make this list to say stop hating on girly girls and this is the reason why

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1 They are persons too

Girly girls should be respected like tomboys

There is nothing wrong with being a girly girl. We are just human. - Arcxia

2 Some hate girly girls just because they love pink

I don't give a darn if someone's black or white, lesbian or normal, disabled or healthy, dead or alive, I only judge them based on how bad their actions are, and even though I'm male, I'm not a hater.

I am more of a tomboy, but I like pink. You shouldn't hate someone because they like something they don't!

I always wear pink. I kind of see it as a psychotic colour like flesh or something. I don't know. I just think the colour suits me. - Catlover2004

Pink is ugly, midnight blue and dark red are better but let someone like a color - Lucretia

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3 It's okay loving girly things

I started out as a girly girl but with a tomboyish streak when I was a toddler and young child. About in third grade I was that shy pet lover. In 4th to 6th grade I was that creepy crazy girl but a tomboy with a girly streak.Now I'm in 7th grade and I'm a tough tomboy now and that's how I pretty see myself for the rest of my teen years and beyond. Oh, and its fine for liking girly things I used to like perfume and kittens in 6th grade but now you just see me as a tomboy with no feminine side.

When I was younger I loved Dora, pink dresses, princesses, monster high dolls, mermaids and castles. I was annoying but its okay to like something as long as it doesn't get unhealthy. - Lucretia

Was once a girly girl who blossomed into a womanly woman. I've never been hated on because of it. It's so much more wonderful being girly than being butch. - Britgirl

AnimeDrawer I was the same way. When I was a little girl I used to like everything pink, glittery, and cute but now those things disgust me, but I have nothing wrong with anyone else liking that stuff. I became a tomboy because my interests changed over time just like almost anyone else. - Gabriola

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4 Hating on girly girls is not making you look cool

Nor does it make you special. - Arcxia

Hating on an innocent person automatically makes you a horrible person (unless it's a mistake) - PeeledBanana

5 It's not their fault they just like being girly girl
6 They never do anything wrong to you

I've had better encounters with girly girls than tomboys to be honest. - Swellow

7 If one girly girl hurts you it doesn't mean all girly girls are bad

,In my school no there nice and pretty funny but in movies... stereotypical,prissy, gossiping a$$holes!

8 They are not dumb

I know several girly girls that are in my accelerated math class at my school. - yuki-blue

Girly girls and tomboys are both equal. This is coming from a tomboy too. - Lunala

I know girly girls that are smart as heck and the smartest girl in class is one, so that is just a stupid stereotype. I am also one of the smart girls(not to brag, but I get straight As), but I am not a nerd. - AnimeDrawer

I agree not all are dumb. but I know lots of girly girls who said means things to me. I know an sporty girly girl that picks on my. and I still do not like her!
but girly girls are better than internet girly girls.
i feel bad for most girly girls.

9 They don't hate you
10 They can be your friend

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11 There's nothing wrong with being girly. A girl can be who she wants.

I'm a tomboy and I have not one feminine side to me.

12 Both girly girls and tomboys are equal

I'm a tomboy, I know lots of nice girly girls I think both girly girls and tomboys are great people. - Lunala

13 They can be tough and capable
14 They are better than internet girls
15 They are not weak
16 Some people hate them because they hate getting dirty
17 Some people hate them because they always use makeup
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