Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Hating on Girly Girls

a lot of people hate girly girls so i make this list to say stop hating on girly girls and this is the reason why

The Top Ten

1 Some hate girly girls just because they love pink

People that aren't girly girls also like the color pink (or, like me, a certain shade of pink is their favorite.) - Qryx

Pink is one of my favorite colors. - Luckys

Yeah, that's really dumb and mean. Pink is my third or fourth favorite color. - Flowerfriend4407

That's a stupid reason to hate girly girls. - Userguy44

2 They are persons too

Your grammar annoys me. - Luckys


Arrogant persons. - Userguy44

It's "people". But I do agree with this. As long as the girly are not sexist.

3 Girly girls are more proper and ladylike

"Ladylike"? More like trashy, whiny hoes.

Yeah - Arcxia

That's true

I see you’re pulling a “girly girls are like, so much better” card... And you wonder why people hate you, (no, not all girly girls, just you and everyone else that acts like they’re the superior ones) why? - 3DG20

Nobody is saying that tomboys are bad. Also, you basically did the same thing on another list. - Flowerfriend4407

4 They never do anything wrong to you

You don't know that. Sometimes they may have bullied you.

That's right. People need to stop saying to me that girly girls go around doing wrong things to others...(well, they did stop, mostly, but the fact that so many people used to tell me that...has caused me a lot of trauma about who I am. I'M a girly girl, always have been, and the idea of becoming a person who goes around hurting other people and even LOVES it is the worst thing ever to me. I love and care for others. I don't want them suffering! :'( at all...)

I've had better encounters with girly girls than tomboys to be honest. - Swellow

5 Hating on girly girls is not making you look cool

It has nothing to do with being cool. - Userguy44

I don't want to look cool, I just want to be awesome! - Sugarcubecorner

Nor does it make you special. - Arcxia

Hating on an innocent person automatically makes you a horrible person (unless it's a mistake) - PeeledBanana

6 It's okay loving girly things

Yeah it is! - Arcxia

I started out as a girly girl but with a tomboyish streak when I was a toddler and young child. About in third grade I was that shy pet lover. In 4th to 6th grade I was that creepy crazy girl but a tomboy with a girly streak.Now I'm in 7th grade and I'm a tough tomboy now and that's how I pretty see myself for the rest of my teen years and beyond. Oh, and its fine for liking girly things I used to like perfume and kittens in 6th grade but now you just see me as a tomboy with no feminine side.

I made this comment before I made an account. 12-year old me was pretty dumb. - Gabriola

I am a tomboy now, I used to be the girliest girl ever that hated boyish things. But there is nothing wrong with girly girls though, it is their choice. My mom is one, and I respect her, so are my aunts, so there is nothing wrong with that.

Was once a girly girl who blossomed into a womanly woman. I've never been hated on because of it. It's so much more wonderful being girly than being butch. - Britgirl

7 It's not their fault they just like being girly girl

Yeah! - Sugarcubecorner

8 Some people hate them because they always use makeup

If it's limited to normal, then I have no problem. But if it's too much, that would be weird. - yamionthetrap

I'm fine with a bit of makeup, but too much makes you look ugly & fake. - RoseWeasley

Too much makeup is weird, but a little makeup is ok. - Userguy44

I don’t hate makeup. I just hate when girls try to make other girls wear it. - 3DG20

9 If one girly girl hurts you it doesn't mean all girly girls are bad

True but most of them are arrogant. - Userguy44

,In my school no there nice and pretty funny but in movies... stereotypical,prissy, gossiping a$$holes!

10 Some people hate them because they hate getting dirty

I feel like this is very stereotypical towards girly girl's.

I love getting dirty especially in muddy puddles - Sugarcubecorner

The Contenders

11 They are better than internet girls
12 They are not dumb

I suppose it depends on the person. There's probably some girly girls who are dumb, but not all of em. And to prove it, some of the smartest people in my class are girly girls.

In other words, don't judge on a girly girl's intelligence.

I know they are not dumb! - Sugarcubecorner

I know several girly girls that are in my accelerated math class at my school. - yuki-blue

13 There's nothing wrong with being girly. A girl can be who she wants.

Perfectly said. Whether a girl is girly, a tomboy, or somewhere in between, she has every right to express herself and be confident about who she is without having to put others down, hence why the 'Reasons to Hate' lists have absolutely no place on this site. - Entranced98

Yeah, the same applies the other way around too, so if you want to be respected, you have to return it. - 3DG20

Uh, we were never bullying you in the first place? You were the one who contributed to that mean list. - Flowerfriend4407

I'm a tomboy and I have not one feminine side to me.

14 They can be tough and capable
15 They don't hate you

Actually, most of them do hate me
In my school, if a girly girl sits at me and my friend's lunch table, you have "weirdo cooties" No I am not a second grader

Depends on how you are. - Userguy44

16 They can be your friend
17 Both girly girls and tomboys are equal

Yes. More people should realise this. - Userguy44

Tomboys are mostly nice people. - Userguy44

I'm a tomboy, I know lots of nice girly girls I think both girly girls and tomboys are great people. - Lunala

18 They are not weak

No one is weak, is just that you people shouldn't act tough towards others. Just saying.

19 They're cute

Agree. - yamionthetrap


I agree with this one. - Userguy44

20 They're not whiny
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