Story Of My Life

I was born on April 27, 2000. The hospital I was born in was St. Vincent's Hospital, in Staten Island, New York. There was a lot of joy in the family, and even a Rabbi came over to my apartment. Yea, it was a big deal. Two years later, on May 12, 2002 ( Mother's Day), my brother Leo was born. Life at the time was going great, and nobody would expect the events that happened in later years.
By the time I was 4, I learned to talk. Because I had this long speech delay, it was discovered that I was on the very high functioning side of the autism spectrum. I started school at Joan Anne Kennedy Preschool. After my time at preschool, I went to P.S. 54 for kindergarten, and the school was on the same street my apartment was! Kindergarten was a disaster for me, because I was the one who always acted up. I even got kicked out by the principal of the school! Later on, we discovered that said principal was very mean, and she got replaced by the much nicer Vice- Principal! So, my Mom found a school for me- Petridies.
The 1st grade was awesome. I got to befriend other people, but two in particular were Christopher and Shawn. These two boys were my best friends, and one of them even got to perform in the P.S. 22 chorus! The second grade was just as good. However, I met someone who would become part of my life for the next few years. His name was Louis. We became the best of friends almost immediately. Then, I went to P.S. 58 for Grades 3,4, and 5. I was in the Inclusion program, and Louis was with me the whole time. That is, until he went to a different school this time. In short, elementary school was great.
I easily moved on to the transistion of Middle School. But not before having pneumonia for 15 days in July. Anyways, this time I had a new partner: Matthew. The first day of the sixth grade went really well, because I had suddenly blossumed as a student. This was the start of me getting really good grades, as I had 94 averages and one 93 average. But by the time 2013 started, things were going to take a downhill turn.
You see, in March, my Dad and my Mom's relationship was falling apart. It got to a point where my brother was sent to the hospital for trying to get out of the school( he was stressed out by all of this). That just made things worse, but then I couldn't get along with my OWN FRIEND. But, hope came in the form of my school psychologist, Mrs. Vitale. She talked to me about my issues, and she gave me a good sense of morality. By then, it was summertime. That summer was the best time of my life that year. Despite having problems with a kid in camp, I still enjoyed myself, and I even got into 80s music. But in September, my grandmother died, from lung cancer. The whole thing was sad enough, but what makes this even sadder is that all of my grandparents are dead ( I never even got to see BOTH of my grandfathers!). The whole family prayed that next year would be better.
And it was. 2014 was a HUGE improvement over 2013. In fact, the only bad thing happening was me getting socially isolated with my peers. Because no one would talk to me, I formed a grudge against society, and started talking to myself. By the end of July, I became a Brony for the second time. That summer was mixed with roller coasters, dead insects in pools, and my Mom's fiancé, Bob. Then, I discovered It was amazing at the time, and to this day I still marvel it. I also discovered my passion for music, because I was on the brink of my anxiety taking over until I downloaded Pandora, and later Spotify.
2015 came, and I immediately became involved in TheTopTens. Over the course of months, I had 3 main accounts and an additional 4th account. I am now in my freshman year in Brick Memorial High School. Despite some drops in grades, I still do well in school. So, what you just read is the story of my life, literally!


Nice and moving story. - Therandom

2013 was an awful year for me as well. - gemcloben

SAMe. My grandfather got paralyzed in January and he couldn't move until march - Therandom

2013 was the year that I joined, but there had already been two deaths in the family, one in late 2012, and my dog died later in the year. In early 2013, I was already in a stage of depression, made worse by these events. TheTopTens, however, was wonderful therapy. - PositronWildhawk

This was a very interesting story. - nintendofan126

2013 was an awful year for me to! You're not alone. I never wanna revisit that year again! - visitor

2013 started out annoying cause I was incarcerated at the beginning of the year but got out in time to graduate high school - bobbythebrony

2013 was a messed up year. - Delgia2k

Wow, 2013 must've been the worst year in human history! - Pony