Reasons Why People Should Stop Hating One Direction

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1 They all are awesome singers

They are talented okay?

Go and watch their solo auditions then change your mind on not thinking that they are awesome. Liam Payne with his 2008 audition wasn't even pop music you hear nowadays.

Ok hater, they have split. Louis and Zayn never had any interest in becoming in a boy band. At the auditions Liam didn't sing boy band pop but he changed to it after being in pop. Auditions Liam sang stuff like "Fly me to the moon" Harry was in a school band but wanted to go solo, Niall just wanted to go through being really upset about being rejected at first.

"Awesome? " Hardly. This is lightweight pop, with no more than average vocal ability.

2 They are good to their fans/directioners

They are proud,really respect their fans.Not like the bieber spitting in the people because of whom he is earning a bread.

3 They have good personalities

True, except for Niall. He has an attitude problem. But I like Zayn most of the times. Even though they are no longer a band, I still like them.

I don't hate 1D - their music isn't to my taste that's all. But they do seem to be nice people. - Britgirl

4 They are funny
5 Their videos are awesome
6 They respect girls

Are you sure? I have heard that they rated girls by their looks. - Elina

Not really... - 0744rose

This not true...elina - 0744rose

7 Their song's videos are funny

You should see live while we're young,one way or another and night changes videos... then you might apologize for your comment - 0744rose

I want to break free is funny, rock the house is funny but anything 1D has

8 They have never done stupid things
9 They are brainless, so they don't do stupid things intentionally

Haters are brainless because its just another boy band to hate on, they just don't like female entertainment.

Most Accurate Item On This List - 12cc

The only accurate item.

10 Their songs are awesome

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11 They all are cute

You can't say they're not on the inside when you don't even know them.
They were put together being cutie rejects in the boys category at bootcamp on The X Factor 2010.

I agree, they're all cute but not as much on the inside. But some of their love interests are a lot worser.

No way. - Elina

12 They're better than Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

Anyone is.

13 They’re no longer relevant

This is an important reason hating a band that is not relevant is just a waste of time. ( I did not hate them originally I just did not care about them.)

Whatever hater, they could return decades later like Bros (80s)
I could see The Wanted returning first though.

14 It's not cool
15 They have split up
16 They have feelings

They went to Africa and cried because the kids there were sick and dying

17 Haters are brainless
18 They covered an older song because it was for Comic Relief it was for charity.

Gareth Gates who was runner up on Pop Idol covered "Spirit in the Sky"

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