Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Stop Overreacting to Game Theory/ Matpat

Jesus tap dancin' christ do people overreact to Game Theory here are ten reasons why people should overreacting to them.

The Top Ten

1 They are only theories not fact and not worth something getting triggered over

But Mat make people believe that his nutty theories are fact.

I know, but his fanbase are too gullible to think it's a Theory. A GAME THEORY! - MarioHead

That's just a theory. A GAME THEORY!

I don't hate MatPat, it's his fanbase I hate. - InfinateSuperstorm

2 There's far worse theorists out there

He's not the worst theorist out there, worse theorists do exist... *COUGH* Treesicle...

3 He's not as bad as people make him out to be

Sure his theories can be flawed but does he really deserve to be number one on several Worst YouTuber remixes? No not really...

4 Constructive criticism is fine but overreacting to his theories and telling them that they're crap without saying how to improve isn't constructive

When someone says "Oh MatPat can't handle criticism and his older theories were better." I won't lie I cringe a lot... however if you want him to improve his content tell him how to improve his content instead of just saying he needs to improve. That's like telling a doctor that he's doing a surgery wrong without telling him what he did wrong.

5 Being melodramatic to something like "Mario is Mental" doesn't really do anything

Other then being melodramatic it doesn't prove much.

6 MatPat doesn't take his theories as facts and if he has it was probably as a joke

The most common argument I've ever heard is that he mentioned it as fact during a YouTuber's react video even though that was probably just a joke that people took too seriously.

7 It's natural for people to make mistakes so hating Matpat for making mistake is pointless

Exactly! He's a human, just like the rest of us. And we all make mistakes. *COUGH* YES I'M TALKING TO YOU PEWDIEPIE *COUGH* Anyway... Don't hate on him for a mistake. - GameTheorist

MatPat is very intelligent... Too bad 7 year old kids try to act smarter...

Honestly it's normal for humans to make mistakes but when Matpat makes a mistake people act like it's *bleeping* World War III.

8 There's far worse theories than the ones made by MatPat

*COUGH* *COUGH* Most cartoon conspiracy theories...

9 While his theories are flawed they're not godawful

"Mario is Mental" is a god-awful theory.

I'll admit "Mario is Mental" has a few flaws but it's not a terrible theory overall.

10 There's far worse content on YouTube

Honestly... Keemstar, and FouseyToube is far worse YT content.

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