Reasons Why People Should Stop Whining Over Comparison Lists

I've had enough. This is directed at many users, but it's not to hurt them, even if it may seem harsh at parts. This could also apply to other lists.

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1 Everything in existence has strengths and weaknesses over something else, thus they have the right to be compared

That makes no sense. So you have the right to compare Juice and Music Speakers just because one has strengths and weaknesses over the other thing? Doesn't mean the list doesn't have poor reasoning, bias, and two things that have nothing in common being compared to one another. - DCfnaf

Stellar list. If people really want something to be mad at, it's the "Songs That Describe..." lists. - Wonkey - PandaDude98

I guess you could just compare Steven Universe to Pneumonia. - Cartoonfan202

Great list - LarrytheFairy

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2 Some of the lists are made for laughs, not for people to take seriously

Such as Adventure Time > Ebola, as well as the counter list. And they are made for laughs, but they actually have legit reasoning. Adventure Time is obviously better than Ebola. But take a look at the counterpart, while it's obviously not better than adventure time, the author still gives valid stengths that Ebola has over AT. (by the way I'm aware how hypocritcal it seems for me to taking the list seriously when I said you shouldn't, but I'm talking about those people who are offended by it, not the people who actually realize the legit reasoning). - LarrytheFairy

To be honest, I like some dumb comparison lists, if they're made for humour - TwilightKitsune

"Adventure Time > Ebola" is such a bad comparison that it's such a funny list. Same with "Justin Bieber > Gravity Falls" - DCfnaf

To be honest, some lists are so bad they're funny - Cartoonfan202

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3 They base their response around their own opinion and their opinion only

I couldn't think of a better way to word this, but here's what I mean. In the list "Reasons rap is better than metal," people were getting all offended at the guitar solos are stupid item. The thing is, as much as I like guitar solos, I have to agree with that reason. If someone hates guitar solos then it would be a reason as to why they like rap more than metal. - LarrytheFairy

Great list. - ProPanda

These lists should be titled something like "Reasons why [insert user here] thinks [item a] is better than [item b]".

4 There are better things to do with your time than to write a triggered post which won't change the list creator's personal tastes

Unless your "constructive criticism" and "advice" consists of your own personal opinion, which in fact it usually does.

Triggered post? So when I try my best to give constructive criticism and advice to poor lists, you're saying that I'm triggered by the list. Makes no sense whatsoever. - DCfnaf

And make them look bad in the process. - LarrytheFairy

Exactly! - cjWriter1997

5 Disagreeing is fine, but making a list of "People/Characters who should date [insert user here] (and adding unpopular/hated characters on the list) just because you disagree with their subjective (and likely unpopular) reasoning is very immature

How in the name of Ruben's sandwiches is that a reason to not complain about comparison lists. I agree with this entry, those stupid dating lists are awful, but this entry has nothing to do with the actual list. - DCfnaf

Speaks for itself in my opinion - LarrytheFairy

6 Many of the comparisons lists are made by trolls, which obviously aren't mean to be taken seriously.

One of the only entries I agree with, JUSTINBIEBERLOVER's list was a joke. - DCfnaf

I know I've criticized users for calling taking things seriously at all "rustled," but this is a case where you shouldn't take seriously. People getting offended is exactly what a troll wants, so stop giving it to them if you hate them so much (actually scratch that, people's rustled reactions to trolls is pretty entertaining so...) - LarrytheFairy

7 There essentially is no such thing as bad reasoning, unless it is factually incorrect

No matter how unpopular something is, there really is no bad reasoning to like something. Remember, whether or not reasoning for an opinion is good is an opinion itself. - LarrytheFairy

There are bad reasons to HATE something though, like simply stating "the fanbase" or "it's overrated" and moving on with your life. - DCfnaf

8 It is one of the biggest things currently plaguing TheTopTens

The other is all the stereotypical metalheads. But man, I've seen so many response posts to comparison lists, stop getting rustled over cartoon opinions ffs. - LarrytheFairy

The three biggest problems currently are this, cartoon reviewers, and metalheads. Get a life. - Puga

9 It causes ridiculous controversies like the "Great" Zootopia Controversy

Agree with everything Larry said. This controversy is only relevant because of the people who want it to die. - Puga

I think both sides of the controversy are at fault. The one who hated Zootopia made abysmal and nonsensical rants, but the users who tried to expose him should've just let him be. As a side note, how is this a controversy? It was everyone vs one person. - LarrytheFairy

Dumbest controversy to ever happen on TTT. Describes gen 17 in a nutshell. - Therandom

But far from every Gen 17 user has been involved in that and a bunch of other silly arguments that have happened since. Plus, what generation we're grouped up in is based on only when we made an account on TheTopTens. The good users of a generation can't help it if a bunch of immature kids halfway across the world join at the same time as them! - Entranced98

10 All of this fighting is childish and doesn't help the site

You kept fighting with Therandom on the wiki. Didn't really help the wiki.

Anyways, you don't seem understand that criticism and fighting are literally two different things. - DCfnaf

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